HELP!!! I think Ive had a bonk idea!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BaldricksBullet, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Good laugh but they wont sell

  2. Theyll sell mate - Id get one for someone

  3. Bonk idea - never in a million

  4. Its just so mad... it might work

  1. Look after your soldier!

    OK, I've got a chinese trader who wants to make up for a bodge with some free tins... and I can't find anything of his that I can sell - as you all know, my business is engraving and I'll put your regimental badge or Mr potatohead, and name on anything:.... but condom tins???

    No more regimental ties and duvets etc...

    but tell me, they won't sell will they? I'd have to take at least a fiver for the engraving... and more if I got them silver plated or something. anyone got a better (tin based) idea?

    It is a bonk idea... isn't it?

  2. Fag tins??
  3. promoting safer sex, health of the nation etc, maybe there is a tax dodge somewhere? sell them for a charity? any legal eagles care to comment?
  4. Meaning!!!? :D :D
  5. Maybe a ring pull as well?
  6. Maybe I could flog 'em to the MOD - do they still hand out free condoms when you go somewhere hot & wet???

    And Ring-pull mistersoft?? WassOneOfThem?

    Regards,- C
  7. Wah!
  8. All Med centres should have codoms available ,usually from a firm (snigger) called safex , and you get a nice paper bag to take them away in, and to stick them in when you've finished I suppose. I can't imagine the MOD buying a case, when the box of condoms costs less than one case to put a couple of johnnies in. Worth a try though.

    Why not use them as a "buy x many lighters and get a free condom holder" kind of offer?
  9. I'm not the one saying I have a Chinese trader.

    A good attempt at boxing clever.
  10. Naah, I wasn't serious about the MOD... by the time I'd won the contract 3 years down line... they'd have probably changed the spec and insited that the boxes had spikes mounted inside the lid.

    But I do like the freebie idea - good one!
  11. I'm not sure my hubbie would approve... how about a chastity belt... furry obviously!
  12. He wouldn't if you lost the key.................
  13. can I have some kind of freebie for ths incredibly good idea? (you have to try these things, if you don't ask - you don't get)
  14. I've got to stop being a good sport about these things... but if I do this, then yeah, OK - I'll send you one... and I'll pack it full of out of date condoms - I will... honest! - Being a Men Behaving Badly fan I've actually got a condom machine in my guest toilet, but when I bought it... it came with a few thousand condoms... and I've got about a dozen left :D . (This is actually true - apart from the dozen :cry: )

    Cheers for the idea Phantom

    Regards,- C
  15. I'll even forgive you for that annoying banner advert now!