Help! I need to check up on a bullshitter

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by arsebiscuits, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Guys and girls,

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section - please move as appropriate if it is.

    I am a member of almost a couple of years now, but more of a reader than poster. Great site, lots of laughs etc.

    However, I now have a reason to post.

    I run a martial arts centre and one of the new instructors that uses the place claims to be an ex-member of a certain 'elite' armed forces regiment. Don't want to say too much openly, as he might be a reader here as I am. It is just that some of the stuff he talks about sounds like nonsense, and he has a class with lots of kids and vulnerable adults etc in.

    Can you tell me the best person to contct to verify his claims please? Is there anyone on here who can deal with such an issue in confidence? I really don't want to remove him for no reason, but if he is telling porkies about one thing there may be other fabrications (insurance, qualifications etc)...

    Thanks in advance.
  2. There is certainly one person I know of that fits that description, but he runs courses himself and I wouldn't imagine he talks about his background that much.
  3. Are you serving? Have you ever served? Just asking as how do you know what he says is bullshite?
  4. Did he have a CV when he applied for the post? I'd be looking at that first.

    Beyond that, ask him how old he was when he joined. You can fit this into a chat easily enough. That gives you the year.

    Another time, ask him what his number was. "they say you never forget your army number - is it true? What was yours then?"

    If he's "forgotten" or tells you it's "classified" he's a bullsh!tter. Make a careful note of the number and post it (*** out the last three if you like) and his date of joining on here. That will soon settle whether he joined the year he said he did.

    If he's bigtiming it as one of THEM he almost certainly never was.
  5. No, I don't serve, but I used to shoot full-bore to a reasonable level a few years back and heard some nonsense gun-wise. I am well-read enough to hear fabrications and horsesh*t though. He's late 30's.

    No, he's not pretending to be one of THEM. Unless THEY wear red berets.

    I don't have access to anything about him (I don't employ him, just rent space to him) and am really unhappy with having someone who I think could be quite manipulative in my building.

    Thanks for the advice so far - please keep it coming.
  6. I once read a book on Neil Armstrong but it doesn't make me an expert on space travel or playing golf on the moon. Just ask him outright. If he gets lairy then use your kung fu on him.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Late 30's.....
    Does he have almost no hair, wears blue levi's, purple t-shirts/sweatshirts, suede desert boots - whether its raining/snowing or a heatwave? If so he might be for real - if not..........
  8. Some examples of the "nonsense" he talks might help. Did it include people shouting at him and carrying logs for instance?
  9. If he's larging it about being a RMP, then he's probally for real.
  10. No log or milling stories. Just very quick to tell me about kills he made in the middle east, how he was a weapons specialist etc.

    Its difficult to say much more online - any places or people I can contact directly to verify said claims?
  11. Hehe paras not redcaps.
  12. Did he karate chop them to death?
  13. Alright, serious hat on, here're some thoughts:

    You say you run the centre, and that he's in classes with kids, and that you're worried about "other" (various) potential fabrications. Checking his references, employment history, CRB details and documentation ought to be simple enough, which will be enough to reassure you he's at least capable of teaching.

    Second issue is about whether he's a fantasist or not. First thing might be to ask him! It will probably be pretty obvious if he's fibbing (as apparently it is, indeed) in which case you can take whatever management steps you feel appropriate.

    Some thoughts on that:

    a) Maybe he needs some TLC? It could be his private life's gone wobbly and all this is a reaction.
    b) This sort of thing probably constitutes damage to the reputation of the centre, which would amount to a fair bit in an employment tribunal, if you need to give him his P42.
    c)There's also something called the "mutual relationship of trust and confidence" which covers many things. On these facts, finding out he's a liar might be enough to destroy your working relationship, which is something else for the employment tribunal.
    d) Sit in on his classes; if he's a good teacher despite being a potential walter then that will inform your decision.
    e) What's his contract like?

    Having said all that, the answer to the question you actually asked (re: verification) is "I have no idea", but even if he *is* telling the truth, if you don't think it's helping the centre you can address it as a business problem.

    I hope that helps, anyway.
  14. I think you really need to be a bit more explicit.

    What is it about him that makes you suspiscious?
  15. ask him which battalion he was in then mention about the three brothers( ficticious) that you know that were in at about the same time as him..


    that sort of thing..

    i once worked with a bloke claiming to be a ex para..

    he hadnt a clue what i was talking about when talking to a ex green jacket who also worked with us..

    he ended up on the floor of the wagon park at bootle docks with one good punch..