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I've recently made the life changing decision to drop out of university after too many scraps with the pansy football team and way too much booze. Instead i wish to follow my dreams and join the fine institution that is the British Army. Basically i run 3 times a week for 1.6 miles and occasionally hit people with ashtrays when im drunk, other than that i dont do any exercise. I tried Karate until i saw a black belt get leathered by a drunk and lost faith. Im a self confessed pretty boy and can be lazy although if i want to do something life goes by like in a Rocky montage. To ths honourable end (enlisting in the Queen's Army) i am on my knees asking you all to help me in any way possible prepare for a life of grime in the Army. I am currently a recruit in the TA but that is my only taste of martial life so far. Please may you give me advice on training preperation, things to do/not do etc? Humorous posts welcome as im such a fun loving bloke.

Thank you in anticipation of your help,

Most Hopless Recruit Carrier...
Result, but i was looking for more, say, immediate help? I appreciate the enthusiasm though.
Well training more seems a good start. Aim for 9.30 for your 1.5 mile runs at least. Get your upper body strength up, frankly the TA's an excellent start (in theory) once you passed your CIC you should be as fit as a regular infantryman anyway so you'd have no problem passing RSC

Dont just get worked up about the 1.5 mile run, get yourself even fitter than that, go for 3/4+ mile runs in addition will get you fitter much more "proper" than just practicing 1.5 milers every day
Cheers, yeh i need to work on my upper body strength, other than heaving mud all day and bottles by night my arms are sadly neglected. Cheers.

9.30? even the paras only have to pas at 9.18 but i get your point, thank you!!

Looks like its time to turn up my Survivor single on the I-pod :D
what i found was good, was to do your 1.5 miler, then afterwards (when your warmed up!) doing sets of press-ups and sit-ups alternating. for e.g 10 sits 10 press's 10 sits and do that to failure. also do sum pull-ups if possible but to my knowledge that aren't tested at recruitment thingy.


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