HELP I need an answer!!!

I was discharged from the forces five years ago on medical grounds. Now at the time I did not want to be discharged. But due to the length of period I was in a downgraded medical catergory they said they had no choice. So I caved in and let them discharge me. Now I have no problems medically and think I am reasonably fit, staying active as much as I can. I even joined the old bill in an attempt to stay fit.

My question is will this hold me back joining the TA? I spoke to a PSI I know recently and he said some units will say yes and some no! But what do you all think? Any advice?

Cheers people!
The person who will decide your medical fitness is the Doc.

Go to your local unit and arrange to have a chat with him / her.

Further to msr's reply: The Doc at a TA Centre will do your PULHEEMS etc but the PSAO/RRTT will send a form called a AFB203 9Special Enlistment Authority) to Glasgow, who will check your Regular record/Med docs and give advice as to whether you should be allowed to rejoin.
Hope this is of help.
Well I had my medical and against my better judgement I took your advice onboard and was truthful with the doc. He seemed ok, asked some questions and said I was fit to join!

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