Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ruski, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. I'm a phase 2 currently in deepcut and my current trade is an RLC ammo tech. My dilemma is that i tried to transfer to the int corps twice and the int corps wouldn't accept me as i have only been a british citizen for almost 9 years (although i have lived in england 14 years and am fluent in russian and english) - with the required time being 10 to be in the int corps. I am looking for a trade with a relitavely quick phase 2 and would be looking to transfer in 2 to 3 years time, i have 11 a* - C GCSE's. Any suggestions people???
  2. so you want to do something that you wont be interested in and that will enable you to just pass the time away until you can transfer?

    don't let the door hit you on the way out
  3. join the infantry
  4. Count mess tins as a trade, just to pass the time. :roll:
  5. ideally yes but if i do enjoy it i'd look into sticking at that trade in the corps any ideas?
  6. Going by your user name, i assume your from the soviet block as was, you say you have only been a brit for 9 years? your joining the british armed forces and you want to go into the int corps? and they havent sussed you as a spy yet? :p

    If the int dont want you now, why would they want you later? what reason other tha your time as a brit, cos if your getting into the forces anyway, i dont see how thats an issue?
  7. What is wrong with staying the trade you have signed on for already? If you are only doing it till you can transfer then does it matter? (personally I'm quite sure that it won't be impossible to work out who you are for anyone at Deepcut......)

    watch and shoot, watch and shoot.....
  8. Get out, bum around for a year and try the int corps again when you have your full 10 years in. Be prepared to give up any form of dual citizenship though.
  9. Officer - then you won't get stuck in any particular trade, but get to play at all of them.

    if you are staying in the RLC though, Supplier would probably be the best, if you go Ammo Tech you will have great difficulty. Also you GCSE results are no guarantee of being able to go for any trade as some you have to pass selection - if you are a tit you won't get in.

    I see you got an F for English.
  10. If you are looking at re-trading (which isnt as easy as you may think it is) and cant do it for another few years any way I would stay where you are. It will be near enough inpossible to change your trade now and then attempt to change again in a few years IMHO and you will be lucky to get changed once never mind twice. Stick with the ammo tech for now and then once you meet the required eligability speak to your RCMO. With your language skills there will be other options that open anyway but it is not something that should be discussed on this forumn but at your first unit once you get there.