HELP I need a 20 min powerpoint lesson

BIT course? I did something really bone - looking after your feet in the field. Had everyone in the room with there boots off putting tape on their feet.
blackwidow said:
Can anyone help me.. i need a skills 20 min lesson for next week on any subject
Yeah its called, your fingers, your laptop and some subject knowledge. You get the lesson for a reason-ie to show that YOU can use your initiative etc. Sorry to say but the response you are likely to get is DIY. Everyone one else has had to. You must have done something in your career that you can turn into a lesson.
Alternatively, easy one to do is Methods of Identification, ie A-H and SCRIM etc. you can drag that out for 20.
Try shaping a beret, shaving, lacing boots. All the usual cr@p that is taught to crows when they get issued uniform.

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