Help: I Met Camilla...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. are there shots for that?

    Was hoping to have a chat with HRH Chuck but he was working the wrong side of the room and I had to make small talk with the Duchess of Cornwall..I hope her spaciness was on account of jet lag or the long day of glad handing, ribbon cutting and smiling for photo ops cause she was can I say this charitably... um.. er...

    well, let's say my five minutes of fame were not a scintillating experience...
  2. She didn't speak too highly of you either, mate.
  3. Aye.... she's on twitter telling everyone ur a right twat! :wink:
  4. hell, doogonk.. I could have told her that...
  5. I was in a gathering/crowd lining the pavements welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall earlier this year. The Royal Couple had had a busy day by the time they arrived at my location; nevertheless they were courteous and spent lots of time talking to 'ordinary' people and appeared to be taking an interest in what they were hearing. It was a genuinely happy occassion.

    The only downside was the posse of flunkies who wanted to grab the limelight by being filmed or photographed with the VIPs -- their behaviour was the least dignified of all.
  6. Well that fecked up the thread a treat! :x

    How dare you post a well worded, coherent and logical reply. You're in the NAAFI ya know. Sod off and think of sumfin witty, abusive, or non-sensical to post! :wink:
  7. After hearing from Camilla about your breath, I was staying on the other side of the room, bog gob.
  8. Holy crap is that really him! Somebody play the Nashunal Amfam and quick sharp about it! Lower the site to half mast!

    Good evening your Holiness! Please disregard any piffle i may have posted within this thread. The voices you see.... wibble! :salut:
  9. Off to the Tower with him.. :)
  10. Bugger off Kraut!
  11. Boy, way to spoil what I hoped would be a good thread of poking fun at Camel -lla [okay, so its been done before ]..going all serious and sensible and then others jumping in to hurl insults t each other instead of the thread's topic.. mumblegrumble.. new kids...

    HRH Chuck was in fine form.. occasion was the presentation of new colours to the regiments and the Prince of Wales was all decked out in scarlet finery of the daughter noticed that his busby was taller than all the others and suggested that, as prince, he had to have the big hat.. other daughter suggested that he was probably compensating for something..
  12. I spoilt it by taking the mick out of the wrong person? That makes sense i guess :? Still apologies.
  13. Given that Camilla is the Royal Colonel of 4 Rifles, wrote and sent a gift to every one of their Iraq casualties and visited quite a few in Headley Court, she can do what she wants and you can just do one.
  14. Who me or Rocketeer?