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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by lucky_number_ten, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. I have just been reading through a few threads on here and realised how little I know about the process of becoming an officer and the requirements for getting there.
    I have recently been advised by my recruitment officer that I can apply to Sandhurst if I would like to. I looked up all the information that is on the mod website about becoming an officer but still have a few questions. What is a MAP test? What does RCB stand for and what does it entail? How long does it typically take from application to entry and how often do they hold AOSB briefings and main board?
    I also had a look at what jobs I could do. The one that stood out immediately was AAC pilot. I've already read that it's a very popular job choice, does anyone know how many positions are available each year or each recruitment period? Also, as I'm female, I was wondering is it a popular job choice for women too and how many are successful?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed!
  2. As soon as The_IRON gets into school, he will be only too pleased to help you. This is out of my league.
  3. British Army Website .Its all on the internet.

    This should cover the Officer Selection Process

    Officer Selection - British Army Website

    And read up on the Army's structure.

    Corps & Regiments - British Army Website

    And finally the AAC and its officer careers

    Officer Overview - British Army Website

    Get your application in soon, it takes a long time to book onto a Briefing. Provided your Cat 1 at Briefing, then you can book a Main Board straight away, with roughly a three month gap. Maybe the quickest you could get through it all is 6 months, but its more like a year for most me, it took a year with other commitments etc and not rushing into Main Board. Take it step by step
  4. Thanks for the advice, I just rang up the careers office to say go ahead with my application, so just waiting to hear back now. I'm hoping it's not too optimistic to say I'd like to be in by May 2011. I went on a pre-selection day (soldier) on Monday and did pretty well there so I think as far as fitness goes I'll be fine, especially if I have another 8 months to train. Off to the library later to pick up some books on psychometric tests. Better start reading up on current affairs etc too!
    The only thing getting me down is the thought of spending another 8 months at my current job.
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  6. It would be quite optimistic to presume entry by May 2011. AOSBs and Main Boards are rather fully booked at the moment. I think Sept. 2011 would be a more realistic aim.

    I say the above as you must first meet with your ACA, which will take some time, who will then book you on to the first available AOSB. Most AOSBs are booked up for the coming two or so months from time of booking. If you are able to get onto an AOSB early and you pass with a category one, with no time delay, you might possibly make May entry as long as you get all your forms off promptly for Main Board. I know that even now, in September, the next available dates for Main Board are post 6th December. You must take into account that security checks and other things can take up to six weeks to process before you can book onto a Main Board.

    As I say, a more realistic estimate would be September 2011, as there are a great many aspiring officers clogged up in the system right now, what with a larger number of people applying for entry to the RMA Sandhurst.

    Do not be disheartened by all this, keep focussed, and as I say, May hopefully should apply if there are no hiccups.
  7. I've got an October briefing, and am aiming for the May intake if all goes well. My ACA seemed to think this was achievable...
  8. When I was doing my RCB brief a few years back, I was pretty much told that competition for this one of the 3 slots was normally very high due to all the uni graduates and that a very competitive score would be needed. Best of luck!

    On a practical note, what time of year would you rather be doing things? September would put you through initial training through the winter with endex and passing out in the following summer. Foot drill and square bashing in heat is not my thing. Or would anyone say i'm wide of the mark on this?
  9. Very true Cormank. Strenuous exercise is much more pleasant in the cold.

    I'm not a uni graduate, but I'm not expecting that to be much of a disadvantage.

    Thanks for all the encouragement.
    Does anyone have any advice on things to revise/read up on or add to my training regime? It looks like I've got a year to kill so better make the most of it. Anyone know how the fitness level compares to soldier entry?
  10. You should worry about the exercises, not the drill. So the January intake has the merit of placing the second term exercises in summer.
  11. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    The standards are the same. As a good officer you're expected to do better and support your weaker soldiers so that they pass too.
  12. **** it. I figure you are going to get wet (from the rain), miserable, cold and knackered at many points during the year and then wet (from the sweat), miserable, too hot and knackered at the other points! Makes no odds to me which ex. is which :D.
  13. Snoreador! What date is your briefing in October?
  14. You should be fine, don't worry. Remember, Lucky Number Ten still needs to arrange an ACA visit, then AOSB, then Main Board with the one month December break etc. It is just going to be a tough call to get everything in on time for May, and that is presuming he passes both AOSB and Main Board with no hiccups.
  15. One month December break? I didn't know about that...yeah, May might be a bit optimistic then.

    she :p