Help - How do I get an Army E-Battlebox

I am in a Tri-service Trg estab and I have version 5 (Sept 01) of the Amry Battlebox (CD). Does anyone know who I should phone to get a new edition?
Yes, it now comes on 7 CDs. You need to speak to your Chief Clerk or equivalent and get them to order it from Llangench (or how ever the fcuk it is spelt where all the paper publications come from). Delivery is about 2 weeks. Failing that if you have access to the MOD web you can get to it via the LAND website but I can’t be arrsed to give you all the directions to get there.
Jailorinummqasr said:
...I now have one very happy nurse...
mushroom said:
...Also comes as a handy sized DVD...
sounds like a DVD I saw once - about a nurse. she certainly SEEMED happy :)

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