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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by pyscho, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi is there anyone out there who can help. I am a second year hnc student who is planning a project. The project involves a study in automating a home for a person with a disability. I will be looking at the technology involved, how it works and how it can be intergrated into the home enviroment. and so on. If there is anyone who can help with this. Please get in touch. Many thanks and regards.
  2. For what its worth, years ago, for a much much simpler project, I used Programmable Logic Controllers (CO2 Detector connected to PLC connected to exhaust fans and warning device.).
  3. Thanks but I am looking to do a degree in medical technology and I feel that it will help me get the entry onto that degree program. Do you have any ideas.
  4. Have you tried contacting anyone at DMRC Headley Court in Leatherhead, Surrey? They'd be an ideal place to start your research.
  5. Thanks will look into it asap. Have a nice weekend or what is left of it.
  6. No ideas, not really. :(

    But just remembered something, again, do not know if it is helpful. At the same time as I was doing the project I mentioned above, my friend was asked to come up with a bed to help prevent bedsores. Apparently, bed ridden people develop bedsores if they are not periodically turned over.

    Just an idea.

    My friend made a mess of it. His bed consisted of sponge cubes held up by pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders. He then programmed some of the cylinders to retract at certain times thereby (supposedly) preventing bed sores! :giggle: As I said, he made a mess of it. :)
  7. Thanks for the reply. How did your project go. I am afraid programming is not my strong point. I just managed a merit in that module last year.
    But the bed idea of your friend has givern me an idea. So say thanks to your friend for me. Take care and regards
  8. Glad I could help. Re the project, we did very well. But it was years ago already...

    I have never been good at programming either. In fact, I have no background in programming at all. Where PLCs are concerned, my friends and I basically winged it - with the help of my tutors, the instruction manual and copious amounts of trial and error!

    If you are using a computer/laptop and can get devices that can output their data to a serial or another port, then you should be able to whip up a program to collect that data and potentially do a lot of things . Using visual basic, I was able to collect data from my handheld CO2 detector. Potentially, I think I could have made the computer email certain persons when the readings got to a certain level etc. Only got as far as collecting data from the detector though coz the project budget did not stretch as far as a laptop/computer.

    I used visual basic because it was easy to learn + there are many free modules(?? as in pre-prepared chunks of code that you can tack onto your own program). on the net.

    Edit: If you are interested in this area, this website seems to be useful:
  9. Pyscho,

    Check your pm's.