Help! Got basic soon and have a problem

Ok, seen as I'm already enlisted, in a way, I thought I'd post this here for help:

I'm in need of some urgent advice.

I recently passed selection at ADSC Pirbright and I start basic in a week. The problem is, I've found out that I should have mentioned a disqualification I had a few years ago when I initially applied, but at the time, I was told that motoring offenses didn't count. Apparently, this isn't so.

My disqualification ended at the beginning of this year, so I'm no longer disqualified. My trade is REME Vehicle Mechanic. I've already pledged my allegiance and am due to start basic soon.

I fear I'm going to get kicked out of the Army for not disclosing this at the beginning, despite not knowing that motoring offenses counted as criminal convictions.

What can I do?
Will I get kicked out of the Army before I've even begun?


It is not a "spent" conviction so you should disclose it at the first opportunity. Very unlikely that you will be booted out.
You should be ok just be honest about it from now on. If you still had the ban it would limit the trades available to you.
To have recieved a ban it must have been a serious offence like a DUI.
Tell them everything now and get it out in the open. They will favour your honesty rather than your dishonesty.

You now have a full licence and what with the demand for skilled tradesmen I personally don't think the army will do anything to you.

All the best in training!


I had a guy who worked with me and he had a few spent offences with quite a lot of points on his licence. It wasn’t until we tried to get him on a driving course we realised we couldn’t as he had too many points. He was lucky as it didn’t matter for his trade however you may not be. How many points do you have? I would ask for advice ASAP.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.


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