Help! Got basic soon and have a problem

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ABewes, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. I'm in need of some urgent advice.

    I recently passed selection at ADSC Pirbright and I start basic in a week. The problem is, I've found out that I should have mentioned a disqualification I had a few years ago when I initially applied, but at the time, I was told that motoring offenses didn't count. Apparently, this isn't so.

    My disqualification ended at the beginning of this year, so I'm no longer disqualified. My trade is REME Vehicle Mechanic. I've already pledged my allegiance and am due to start basic soon.

    I fear I'm going to get kicked out of the Army for not disclosing this at the beginning, despite not knowing that motoring offenses counted as criminal convictions.

    What can I do?
    Will I get kicked out of the Army before I've even begun?
  2. Does it count as spent?

    Call your AFCO tomorrow morning and ask them.
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  3. No, it is was 2 years ago since the court handed down the punishment.

    I don't think the ACIO deal with this now that I've been sworn in.
  4. Are there any recruiters or experience personnel who may know, or have experienced this before?
  5. When do you start basic? I start this monday.

    When they do the final security clearence and record check it may come back about your conviction and will deal with you there at basic training, you will have to see someone high in the ranks and explain why you didn't put it. They may kick you out for lying im not sure.

    As spent convictions is 5 years and yours only happened 2 years ago, as someone on here also had a problem with a driving offence and could only join the infantry.

    Speak to the online careers office and ask the because you can do it with out the finiding out who you are.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it. My mate got in to AFC Harrogate (also joined as a VM) with 6 points on his licence and he was 16, it's now 4 years on and he's still in. With his driving licences, passing them in the army.
  7. Thats totally different.

    When you apply you sign some paper work saying that you have declared you unspent convictions.

    In this case he hasn't which means you can get kicked out of the army.
  8. I've just finished all my paperwork and I know I'm TA not reg. But, I was told by the captain that interviewed me about my conviction (Drink Driving) that being in REME I wouldn't be able to do anything to do with driving until it was spent. Luckily I chose armourer anyway!!

    My conviction was august 2006 - 9 month ban.

    He also told me that I did the right thing to tell them during recruiting instead of saying nothing.

    I really think that you should try and speak to someone, before they speak to you!!!
  9. Yeah, i thought so.....................All you can join is the infantry in regular i think.
  10. Why didn't I take my time and ask these questions!?!

    I've handed in my notice at my job as well, so if I get kicked out, then I'll be jobless.

    I don't know what to do. Joining the Army was all I wanted to do.
  11. The problem here is not just that you have not declared a conviction but you have been disqualified for driving. You say that your disqualification ended this year but it was handed down 2 years ago....that suggests, to me, that perhaps it was drink related, or someother such more serious offence.

    The other problem here is that all offences show on your licence for a period after the ban has been removed. This can mean that you can still not drive service vehicles. As you are going into a job with the REME working on vehicles, I think that you need to contact the careers office that you attested in. They will be able to advise you futher. I know that you think that your careeers office doesn't deal with you anymore, but they will know who you need to speak to. Don't delay. They will find out sooner or later, and you need to know where you stand now.
  12. Youve not been kicked out yet mate, just get in contacted with youre acio and speak to them. You will only find out the outcome when you do.
    best of luck
  13. Ouch mate, all the best, honestly not going to pretend I can predict the outcome of this.

    It's not like you deliberately left it though? Get in touch asap mate, I can't begin to think how you feel.
  14. The best thing that you can do (IMO) is to be totally honest and inform your recruiter at the earliest opportunity. Good luck! FFS don't try and blag it or your integrity will be blown when the deception is discovered.