HELP! - Goretex sniper suit / coverall

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by four_one_f, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. Hi all.... was wondering if anyone has or knows where i can get a DPM sniper suit made from goretex and heavily lined. Basically it the issued one im after. I've alrady got one but its getting a bit small for me now and would like to exchange it or sell it on and get a new one but havent seen them anywhere.... and suggestions?


  2. BUGGER - guess not then :?
  3. uh I think there is a DPM goretex coverall available, it might be called a HALO or HAHO suit - at least thats what someone trying to flog one on ebay called it, must've thought that if he said "used by SAS air troop" he'd get a few more beer tokens out of it! :lol:

    I also believe there is something called an ISBO or immersion suit, boating ops - used by RM I should imagine. Why do you want it goretex anyway, when you come to sew scrim onto it, it will soon lose all pretence at waterproofness with all those needleholes! Goretex is also easily damaged when crawling and will lose its DWR coating, and can make some noise and be overly hot to wear all the time too. Guess at least it isnt too shiny when wet like the older issue waterproofs.

    Why not a goretex liner for your field smock (think SASS does a button-in liner converted from the Dutch issue ones) or use the issue MVP jacket under your smock?

  4. Easy mate, go to your clothing store, and if you’re entitled, hand it in and get a new one.
    If your not entitled, ThenWHY!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Arktis make a waterproof smock and trousers, these have already been sold to US and Dutch snipers.

    Go for the 1053 Trousers (Ripstop outer fabric with ultra lightweight breathable waterproof dropliner. No need to carry an additional waterproof outer.)

    1015 Waterproof Smock Ripstop outer fabric with breathable waterproof dropliner. No need to carry an additional waterproof outer. Lined with ultralight 77gmw liner, seam taped.)

    Both available in DPM (British) - In black these are also issued to Police Firearms Teams.

    Or replace the smock with the 1017 : Sharpshooter Windproof Smock

    Windproof dropliner, Cotton/polyester ripstop outer , Elbow pads, Shoulder pads , Scrim hood veil , Woollen cuffs , Camouflage loops
    Huge rear pocket and Armpit zip ventilation.

    Hope that helps....

  6. Jesus T34 they sound good, and a lot of guys I know use Arktis kit, but damn its expensive.

    Issue MVP over your clothing when you can. Sounds like it won't be too ideal for what you want so put it underneath your smock, thats why MVP has no pockets. Your smock will get wet but at least you'll be dry and you can get to the stuff in your pockets etc. You will also still be wearing your sniping smock, if you are a sniper? Isn't it just a para smock with some metal hook thing added for some reason, saw one in the CQ's once.
  7. Thanks for your imput guys. I've tried my mates Arktis stuff and its not as good as people say!

    As to CARRPS reply of clothing stores. I'm currently posted to a camp full of RAF Regt pers. Not their fault but its hard enough to get what you are entitled to out of then let a lone a favour!!

    This is a piece of kit i brought myself and its the dogs bollox for sitting in O.P.s for days and days, just as good for standing around on a Scottish range all day too!

    As for the sewing guille kit to it - i dont. If push came to shove I'd wear a TIC suit over it but its not for active sniping, more passive type work.

    GOOK mate... that thing has been on ebay for ages - great kit but its a size tiny. The HALO suit is a genuine issue piece of kit. All my mate in the PF have got them but unfortunatly they are now as rare as hens teeth. I've got a pair of the bottoms but havent managed to aquire a jacket. (Didnt pinch the bottoms mind - they were sat on a market stall and the guy didnt have a clue what they were.

    If anyone out there has got one who is willing to sell (size large) im you man. THERE MST BE SOMEONE :cry:

    Thanks again fellas
  8. Doesn't anybody out there know where i can get a sniper suit? PLEASE Help :(
  9. Thabks Rossi but nothing like it mate :cry:

    What im after is made of DPM goretex and is an all in one overall / coverall type thing.

    Thanks anyway bud.
  10. i think your only option is to make one.

    either save up the pads out of ammo tins or butcher your kipmat.

    the issue sniper smock is very heavy becauser of the hooks for the rifle sling and is not often employed as ghillie siuts by snipers, most make their own.

    if it is just for op work you would be saving a packet to make one. it wouldn't matter as you would only be wearing it in the field, right.
  11. ps if you wear a dpm romper suit the rocks might just find a chink in your take the p155 armour and exploit you.
  12. try dragon spplies got mine from there
  13. Dont bother with the immersion suit. Having worn these fair few times they get very hot even moving a few metres and they are too bulky. And the zips take some taking off.