Help From The Waltenkommando

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_wolf, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. Is anyone willing to take up this case?

    My missus cousin has been seeing this bloke for a good few months now who is apparently a regular soldier with 3 rifles based in Edinburgh. He seems to have a ridiculous amount of leave though and is always travelling down to England to see her. Other tales are of him deploying at short notice of just a few days (maybe hes THEM) and then sometimes getting turned back at Dubai. I heard that he deployed on a Wednesday once and was back by Saturday morning.

    At the moment he has told her he is on a 2 week exercise in Catterick and she has went down to visit him.

    I have serious doubts about the fukcer and am convinced he is a total walt. She has apparently been into the barracks with him which leads me to believe he is either TA, or is a civvy who works there. I will eat my hat if im wrong though but we'll see.

    PM me if your eager to help, i havent seen many Walt Hunts on here recently and it would be amusing to bring him down a peg if he is one

    Edited to add that he sometimes wont tell her what it is hes doing as its all very hush hush, once again hinting that he could very well be the third man on the balcony
  2. What's his name?
  3. Ive PM'd it. I dont want to out him just yet incase im a total mong
  4. What type of hat to you have, what is it made of and what size?
  5. A Maroon hat?
  6. Does it matter? dont want to sound pedantic but who cares?

    I work in civvy strasse now, there is an ex para in our place who I know is gen ex 1 para for years ago, but he spins tales your wouldnt believe - first man to be shot in SA, shot in the arse, had to see the queen for his medal and told her he was shot in the arr - - -m

    He's mental but he's a laugh, some of the mongs believe his tales but most of us just have a crack on with him and take the piss (until he loses it and threatens to nut us)

    Now my point is - squaddies bluff and if it gets you a shag - nice one. But if this person isnt really doing anything wrong are you really bothered? not like he's saying he has a VC and is them or something.
  7. My bad he actually says he deploys with a few hours notice, not days (he probably tied Andy McNabs shoelaces as well)

    Anyway no it most certainly is not a PINK hat. Bloody maroon, there is no such colour. Its actually a shitty brown coloured hat with a pom pom ;)

    Hammy i see your point and it would be different if this guy was telling yarns that give me a laugh but hes taking someone from my missus family for a ride which if its true im not pleased about. She actually believes hes some kind of elite agent which is a shame cos shes a nice lass. Gullible though but still.

    Then again give it time and he may turn out to be the new Baron of Castleshort
  8. Its not much help, but 3 Rifles are at Redford in Edinburgh, i was there getting told to piss off by the gate guard last week..........some days its just not worth chewing through the leather straps
  9. Which is a ToS as you know, something 3 Rifles(which you allude to him being in) would not be wearing.The only folk in Redford Barracks, Infantry or Cavalry who'd be wearing a ToS are the various TA units who visit RCB, there is a UOTC unit next to the barracks though.
  10. I think the Wolf was talking about his own hat!
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    He's talking about his own hat, not Walter McFcuknuckle's hat.
  12. Snap Ravers
  13. Oh, Ok then.
  14. Ask her if he dragged her to his pit space and tried to violate her, if he did he might just be pucker, if he didn't there is no way he's serving.
  15. We have a new development -

    Apparently the truck carrying all the equipment to Catterick broke down in Scotland and this fella got the day off because they couldnt set up or whatever and thats why his gf went down to visit him. They are staying in a Travelodge.

    Yes maybe the vehicle did break down, its not unusual. But as for the rest? Hm sounds dubious.

    And i was talking about my own hat