Help from pay gurus needed please

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by skintboymike, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. To cut a long story short, I'm convinced I've been receiving the wrong rates of pay for quite a while now. I transferred not too long back to a lower pay band trade from a higher pay band trade, but I'm not sure of the rates for my rank and current pay band, or my old rates for that matter.

    The reason I'm approaching the wise old owls of ARRSE before I go ranting at the HR administrators is that, well, they're not exactly the most helpful or interested of people. If I've got facts and figures to back up an argument (if an argument indeed exists) then I've got a half chance of getting things squared away. I need to find out the current rates of pay as a guide, but not sure where to start looking.

    If anyone thinks they can help I'd appreciate a PM, cheers in advance.
  2. download the Armed Forces Pay Review Body report (google AFPRB Report). All rates of pay and allowances are towards the back.

    Otherwise let us know more details, Trade, Rank, Increment Level etc
  3. PM incoming cheers.
  4. Normally when you transfer from a high band trade to a low band trade you stay on Mark Time Rates of Pay. There should be something on your transfer paperwork from your new MCM Div stating MTRP. To be fair your Unit HR can't do much about it unless it was part of your transfer package.
  5. Alread got that one now cheers mate. If this report combined with my pay statement is correct, I'm owed a wedge. How far back can pay be reclaimed from?
  6. Your use of the term 'transfer package' implies to me that not all transfers are the same. Have you got an example, made up or otherwise?
  7. a couple of years after the introduction of Pay2000, I realised that I was being paid less than my peers, and discovered that this was due to an error dating from 1998. I received quite a sizable sum, which was the full amount I had been underpaid in the intervening five or six years. I do not think that there is any time bar, but if there is, it is certainly in excess of 5 years.
  8. Fingers crossed, although the error is surely not for that long (I can but wish). I wonder if the switch to JPA will automatically render my claim impossible?

    Edited to delete smiley face. That's a nasty thought.
  9. That is because they aren't all the same. Your gaining MCM will state the terms of each transfer on a case by case basis depending on trade, experience, previous rank etc.

    Although, saying all that, you normally do have MTRP for 2 years from date of transfer to enable you to catch up.
  10. I'm annoyed at myself for not spotting this sooner. I moved back to UK from Germany just after the new style pay statements came out, and I had became accustomed to the daily rate of pay system instead of the annual salary which we work with now. I knew I'd be taking a drop in pay when I came back to UK, but didn't look into the details too much at the time, as I managed my budget well. I only realised something may be wrong after chatting to a junior Corporal in work today who, apparently, is earning more than me.

    Fingers crossed, I may have a new slush fund to dip into, and not a moment too soon. :D
  11. PM Sent
  12. Read this PM, not the Shite you are likely to get from the Plastic Copper!
  13. Seen, cheers. Reply sent.
  14. Another question, in the event that I AM actually due a refund (although still not getting my hopes up too much);

    Suppose I were to be told that I am owed a back payment. If I receive the amount in a lump sum how will it affect the tax I pay for that month? is there another tax bracket I jump into for that single month? If so, is there a way of spreading the payments?