HELP four HEROES/35 Signal Regiment/Birmingham City

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know what 35 Sigs/Birmingham are doing on this Armed Forces event (tommorrow)?

    Just heard a short plug on BFBS (while trying the new radio)
  2. A team from 48 Sigs will be selling wrist bands and we have a parade to mark our transfer to 37 SR, going on at half time.

    35's disbandment parade is in the city centre in the morning.
  3. Um....a parade to mark a transfer to another unit having been shafted by the Army whilst selling wristbands during half time on a fottball pitch?

    is it me?
  4. Maybe it's black armbands??
  5. Also just been on BFBS, if you wear uniform you can get to watch the match for £5
  6. If 35 Sigs held a sponsored slim whereupon each of the STABS received £1.00 for every stone lost there would be enough cash to pay off the country's debts!
  7. The regiment, although now no longer and already doomed, took the opportunity to promote something positive and rather than become embittered or retire to lick its wounds looked to the needs of others (and where better to look that 'Help For Heroes'?) and did the right thing - even on the very last day when it would have been easy to engage in a pity party.

    It takes a someone (or something)big to look past one's own problems to see, and respond to, the needs of others and this is what I see in those members of 35 SIG REGT (V).

    I am grateful for the privilege of having served them and with them.

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  8. Padre is it true that most 'men of the cloth' conduct in some sort of homosexual activities?
  9. Well 5A, if this is your way of asking for a new lead to keep you out of the woods or cottages I'm afraid I have to honestly tell you that the answer is, "not as far as I am aware!" Sorry, you'll have to keep looking I'm afraid :)

    ps. I think you either meant, "take part in," or "conduct."

    Thanks for asking though - at least you're out of the closet now I guess :)


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  10. 'Fraid so!

    As for help, that's what we do (all/most/some/none*) of the time!
    (*delete as applicable).

    Wonder if Birmingham are ever going to get a goal?

  11. Have you been partaking in the communion wine or are you overdosing on choir boy DNA?
  12. :?

    What a strange question! The answer to which is neither, although we use an extremely good port during communion, and I have to admit I don't have a scooby what the last bit of your question means.

    Still, I regard this current conversation as my contribution to care in the community - keep typing :lol:
  13. Not if you step back from the keyboard and review your previous posts.

    By the way 'choirboy DNA' comes straight from the tap so to speak.
  14. Well said.
  15. Getting rinsed by a Padre.

    You goon 5A.

    Stands by for an oh so witty rejoinder.....