Help for Veterans?

Does anyone know if this will work and what are the consequences?

On an annual basis the Vocational Assessment Centre applies to a number of service charities for grant funding. This year our application to The Royal British Legion was unsuccessful. On the 20th October 2009 The Royal British Legion informed the Centre that it will no longer provide a grant for the service. TRBL kindly provides the largest grant to cover the operating costs of the Centre and without such funding the Centre cannot remain open to assist disabled service and ex-service personnel.

Hence it is with regret that I have to announce that the Vocational Assessment Centre closed on that date.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Army Benevolent Fund, The RAF Benevolent Fund, Seafarers UK and the Queen Mary's Roehampton Trust for their unfailingly support for this service over the 13 years the Centre has been open. I must also express my gratitude to the social workers and occupational therapists of Headley Court, the individual education and resettlement officers from each Armed Force, CTP consultants, TRBL county managers, civvystreet website, Veterans Agency, JobCentrePlus advisers and Employment Solutions advisors for their positive and proactive referral of clients to the Centre. I believe that together we have helped many, many disabled Service and ex-Service individuals to improve their situation.

As manager of the Centre I have found the role the most rewarding and fulfilling one I have ever had and I thank all who have helped to make it possible. I leave this job with sorrow. I will be working out my notice until February 5th 2010 and I can be contacted on my direct line 01622 795 942 and my e-mail until then. My mobile number is 0774 7785884 and as it is my personal mobile it will remain active after I leave.

The Royal British Legion over the next year will be setting up an online career guidance service which will be available to a greater number of Armed Forces personnel. For further information contact, freephone Civvy Street Helpline on 0800169 4073, or

Yours sincerely,

Mary G Ryan
Vocational Assessment Manager.
vocational Assessment Centre
Royal British Legion Village
ME20 7NL

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