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This might help the ones of you that need to access arrse stuff, but work won't let you....

So Google’s motto is “Don’t Be Evil”. Well here’s a tip that allows you to use the Google language translation service to be a little evil, well maybe not exactly evil but at least this will help you view web sites where corporations and countries place embargoes on certain web domains.

Imagine you are hard at work and a friend sends you an email containing a link to a YouTube video. You click on the link but thanks to your company’s internet policy you are prevented from accessing the site. Never fear, here’s how to get around this particular conundrum.

Its easy, simply paste the following URL in to your browser’s address bar and replace with the URL that you received from your friend.|en&

So for example if the URL for the video is;

simply change the URL above to;|en&

… and say hello to YouTube!

Sneeky eh! So what’s happening here? Google has a web site translation service that allows you to translate a site from its original language to a second ‘target’ language. For instance if you go to you can specify a web site’s address and a target language to translate it to. When doing so Google will construct a URL something like the one below which translates YouTube from English to French;

It looks pretty complicated but the most interesting part is; What this is doing is telling the Google translation service to translate YouTube from en (English) to fr. (French). However if we abuse this little URL a bit and attempt translate the site from en (English) to en (English) what in fact happens is the web site is not translated as it’s source language is already in English and therefore Google will simply redirect you to the web site itself rather than attempt a translation. The proxy server at your company still thinks you are going to Google but in fact Google is forwarding the request on to the desired web site.

Oh.. and this is also a very handy tip for those of us who are frequently Behind Enemy Lines. Many countries and regions inparticular Asia and the Middle East often utilise proxy servers which prevent internet users from accessing certain web sites, this little trick will circumvent such restrictions.



War Hero
Lol. doesnt get round the IGS Blocking :( Still cant look at my WoW web site anymore :D

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