Help for Muslims on the Dole?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A_team_lewis, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. This from an article on voting among Muslims so slightly out of context, but what do they mean about extra help for unemployed Muslims? Surely not more help than is currently available for everyone? Are they being singled out for specific programmes? This seems, at face value, to be a disgusting example of discrimination against the majority.
    Can anyone shed any light?

    Quote from the Times: Muslims test their Strength as Voters and Candidates
  2. Rather than try to appease the majority, they target minority groups and so it goes on. Ignore the majority and appease and court minorities.

    This will only be suffered for a duration before something snaps
  3. And they wonder why people vote BNP?

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, and just for the record I'm against this political correctness madness, but when applying for the army isn't it illegal to support political parties who don't want democracy in Britain?
  5. :roll:

    Best keep me gob shut, don't want to upset PTP
  6. That'll include all muslims then won't it as they ALL want an Islamic state not democracy.
  7. theres loads of these types of schemes out there.
    the idea is to help people who research shows have difficulty getting off the dole
    e.g. single parents disabled ex prisoners former homeless ex addicts people with mental health issues.
    its not anything new what do you want a load of muslim young men hanging around a mosque downloading bin ladens latest for something to do.
    Or getting a job and paying taxes ?
  8. Not just slightly out of context , but disingenuous too Lewis.

    The check card is a 10 point initative produced by the Muslim Council of Great Britain , to encourage the Islamic vote. It is a card , that they want Muslim voters to use, when questioning candidates for election.

    Now on the subject of 'extra help for Muslim unemployed' , the best thing a candidate can say is 'They will receive the same level of support as any other taxpayer".

    The check card is targeting a minority group, because it is produced by an organisation representing a minority group.

    Everyone here is blathering on about 'Muslims get special treatment' . They get special treatment because they lobby for it, and make a bloody row. The Armed Forces are a minority group, what do we do to promote our interests? We do Fcuk all. Hackle and myself brought the issue of voting registration up, and how many extra forces personnel registered?

    At face value, this appears to be a stab at wooden spooning by you Lewis.

    If you want to discuss inequalities , then find factual examples. There is a very good example of inequalities in the democratic process being concluded today.

    If you want preferential treatment, you have to fight for it. Stop whingeing about what others get , and start lobbying your MP's for equitable treatment.

    Or you can sit on your arrses , and have this government take the p iss.
  9. If you had taken the time to check the punctuation in my post you would have seen that it is full of question marks.
    It was not a statement of discrimination, simply an expression of surprise at the statement:
    I was merely interested to know what plans there are for this "extra help". I am fully aware of the purpose of the checklist issued by the representatives of the minority for the minority.

    So what it comes down to, is why are the MCB asking about extra help for Muslims. If I was unemployed I would not then ask what extra help I could expect on the basis of being Scottish?

    Is this clear?
  10. No, it's very out of context. Don't play clever 'punctuation' games Lewis, you'll need to get out of your scratcher a lot earlier.

    This seems, at face value, to be a disgusting example of discrimination against the majority.

    I note the use of the caveat 'face value' allied to the emotive - Disgusting

    Stick to the facts Lewis, your first post somehow forgot to mention who had produced this check card.
  11. Haven't a clue mate........I vote Liberal. As far as I am aware, BNP are a democratic party, but before you get all upset, I'm no authority on them.
  12. Alright PTP.
    As your initial post has been modified since I replied to it I can see your points, and they're fair.

    My initial post was based around the "extra" and I still have not had an answer on why any group should be getting (or expecting) more help than anyone else to find work, but as this thread has descended into a total lack of comprehension I won't push to get an answer on that.
  13. PTP,

    From rather hazy recollections (I've been out a long time) the system is stacked against any squaddie who tries to 'promotes interest'. Political involvement is effectively banned so there don't appear to be many routes open. Writing to your MP used to be seen as the supreme act of heresy and was an act of suicide for anyone who did (and got found out :D ).

    Apart from voting what do you suggest as a squaddie self interest group that wouldn't get classed as a form of union and bring the wrath of god down from on high?
  14. I think you will find that if help is needed in an area then this is available. Those who can't read and write can get adult lessons.
    Those who lack English Language skills can access such help.

    Personally, I applaud anyone who gets off their backside and does something to improve themself and try to put something back into the community. That Muslims (probably from abroad) may use this type of facility more than us Anglo Saxon types is to be expected as we know English (most of us) and it is fair to say that we have had access to a decent level of education as children if brought up here. If they receive extra encourgement for this then all the better.
  15. WoSAG - Wives of squaddies Action Group

    RoSAG - Relatives of Squaddies Action Group. etc etc.

    I'm sure there are some vocal wives and NoK out there, who can voice concerns and lobby , without having undue terminal influence on their husbands/wives careers?

    I'm not advocating the Reg Keys approach , but certainly someone needs to remind the MOD , that service families in a lot of cases , have the same right of access to Government initatives too?

    Or is there a specific rule in QR forbidding this sort of activity?