Help for Heros wrist bands

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by taffplod, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know where you can buy these, apart from on line, dont seem to be able to find them in any shops, not here in Cardiff anyway.
  2. I know somewhere in Hampshire that sells them, but it's a bit of a drive for you.
  3. In their shop at Tidworth, and also they will have a stall at Weymouth in June

  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    They sell them in the House of Buar, just outside Blair Athol, you'll find them in the gents outfitting department:
    House of Bruar
  5. Just knew I'd get ******* grief, but I love being a ex-squaddie.
  6. Asda in Sheffield. =-D
  7. Why not go crazy mad bonkers and buy a Holidays4Heroes wristband instead?
  8. There is a place in the Library and the QMs Dept at the Inf Battle School, Brecon that sells them and other H4H bits.

    Do miserable Welsh buggers support H4H then? I thought they spent all their time learning that ridiculous gibberish Welsh Language they spout - boyyo!
  9. Dioloch yn fawr butty bolo beret
  10. Where can I get one for nothing?

    Yes I'm taking the piss.
  11. the idea is to buy them bulk, sell them then donate money back