Help for Heros Sky dive Fundraiser!

hey everyone,

I am new to the site, my name is james kevern, 21 from berkshire. was told about this site via a friend whilst ive been advertising. So i hope you all can help just a little :)

I have booked to do a Charity Sky Dive in aid of the ''Help for Heros'' Charity. I'm sure 99% of you know what the charity is but those of you that don't know then all info can be found here..

Help for Heros CLICKY

I am using skyline parachuting to do the event and are looking to raise as much money as possible! The event will be in June so will give me enough time to raise ALOT of money for the charity so Donations will be very appreciated!

heres also the facebook page for it thoughs that have that...!/event.php?eid=304893967517&ref=ts


money can be either paid via '''' who all know is an organised charity payment company, where the money you pay goes directly to the charity.

Just Giving Clicky

OR money can be either paid directly into my PayPal Account, my account is...

please also leave a note with the payment of the full name of which its from and your address.

IF you do not have a PayPal (im sure 99% of u do and all that have ebay will have one) then cash deposits can be made in person, or payment by bank transfer, cheque to be posted etc, so PM me a message with details of Name and address along with amount you willing to Donate :).

Thankyou all to those that donate, lets raise alot of money to help rehabilitate our injured solidiers.

James kevern :)

We are all thinking about it!.
Finished "thinking," no taaa


Sarcasm will get you everywhere, clearly. Bottom line? Noble cause and you should be congratulated - genuinely. Tandem skydive for charity? Been done a million times before. Might be better off nagging your friends rather than a military site for donations.
i dont see why it matters where the donations come from, it all goes to the same place...?

not really nagging, just a post of info whats happening and if anyone would like to dontate. having a fear of heights, doing a skydive is a big thing for me, more so than most things i could do. sorry if its a ''common thing''

263a, great support mate ;) best of the british right there! people like you belong on the jeremy kyle show.



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