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Hi Guys,

Two ex Army from Hereford are peddling the end to end climbing Snowdon, Scarfell and Ben Nevis en route.

They are starting Fri 30 2010.

(Out of interest their combined age is around about 130+) (Don’t worry too much about the hill climbs; some in their 20-30 would have trouble keeping up with them).

The guy driving the support vehicle is also ex Hereford army his claim to fame was reaching the summit of Mount Everest on the 16th May 1976 with Joint British Army and Royal Nepalese Army Everest Expedition.

The vehicle they are using belongs to his partner on the Everest climb. The Tracker is provided by a security training group also from Hereford. The funding for this is provided by the individuals and every penny donated goes into the pot.

If anybody has a bike and you are near their route, it would be interesting to get a few sitrep’s on their cycling ability for the thread? Or if you can spare a few minutes to cheer them on that would be great.

The first climb is Snowdon this should be on Tuesday?

To find out the location you can follow them via SAT Team RAM Products this will give you a goggle earth picture as they cover the route.

The event is for Help for Hero's and they would like as many as possible to make a contributions.

Logon details for Satellite tracking.

Archie’s and Charlie’s Lands-end to John O’Groats cycle ride

Here you can follow progress on our End to End Charity bike ride in support of Help for Heroes paste SAT Team RAM Products into any Web Browser. This will bring up the Sattram Web Page. Top right click on Help for Heroes, Click on the flashing yellow arrow and follow our progress on the Sat-Map. If you click on - Please Make a Donation Here, It will take you to the - Help for Heroes web page, There you can follow our daily blog and if you so wish make a donation to this very worthy cause ============================================================================== We have a Twitter Page, URL Below Archie Bronc Charlie (end2endplus3mts) on Twitter ===========================================================
SAT Team RAM Products
The two bikers started 1500 from lands end on Friday. They made Hereford just after 1400 on Sunday. Monday they will cover the distance to Snowdon. Tuesday morning they will be going up Snowdon and then another hundred miles. Not bad for two pensioners who did there first selection in the late sixties and early seventies.

If there is anybody not doing anything on Tuesday why not tab up Snowdon to cheer them on.
Good luck to those mad enough to be doing this. Any site details for donating. Am unable to give them personal best wishes as i am drinking with Arrsers in that there london.
There was slight problem with the tracking program; it reverted to the centre. This has been modified and if you go to SAT Team RAM Products help for heroes page then go to satellite on the map; click on auto in the right panel then zoom in to max you can see them move after each thirty seconds. It now stays on the last bubble and not the centre one. This makes it a lot simpler and if you want to see the whole route just zoom out.

Yesterday the intention was to get a video of them on top of Snowden. I expected them to leave their overnight stop for the PYD trail about 0730 as by the program. I left at 0600 getting to the top of Snowdon around 0830 on the ranger trail. When I checked with the guy following the tracker they had been and gone. They are starting at the crack of dawn and really putting the hours in.

For a couple of guys closer to seventy than sixty they need a lot more support. What Charlie and Archie are doing is fearsome.

On the Help for Heroes page on this site there is a link to their sight where people can drop a penny in the pot. I know most ex forces like us are on the breadline but let’s try to pass the word around to the civvies. These two are performing at Olympic standards.

Out of interest I did take a video on the top of Snowdon and although I did not pass the timings for Snowdon on the ARRSE page I did let the rum-ration site know. If you study the video close although the mist was thick you will not see one single sailor on top.

Let’s give these guys our support pass the word around to the civvies. For the Jocks and Geordies standby for the Scar fell warning order. A quick tab up a hill will do you a world of good.

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