Help for Heros Con caught on video!

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Excellent work.....has the plod been informed?
I hope they get strung up by there balls, We all know they wont though they will get a slap on the wrist & that's if the plod actually catch them.
Good on the ol' boy. A career in investigative journalism awaits. Like he said, this crap is going on all over the place in varying degrees of professionalism. I bet the twats wouldn't try that in Colly? Eastbourne: codgersville = easy target.
It happened in morrisons a few weeks ago.He was a young lad in uniform with a bucket that had help for heroes on it.

It must have been a couple of hours before a manager spotted him.I imagine he would have made a fair bit as when the cadets are in they tend to make the most,anything forces does.
Thats right outside the front of the Eastbourne Arndale Centre, (indoor shopping centre) so i'm surprised they weren't challenged by the police to check they had a permit. It was uploaded on Friday so could easily have been filmed on Thursday - pension day...thieving cunts
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