Help for Heros/ Broken covenant

The help for Hero's idea is fantastic, a fund to help get the facilities our servicemen need for Rehab,

Why do we have to rely on the general publics kindness and gratitude? the goverment should be providing this care as part of their duty, instead of spending funds on things that dont need replacing eg: carpets decor in london offices etc. Just because the next minister bigwig etc doesnt like it.

It is more of a comfort to know if you are injured that the care bk home is the best, and you are not waiting for the no: 9 bus to get you to the hydrotherapy session, all these facilities should be on site, goverment funded, and a priority should be made to get the project running now,

I always think that the politicians dont feel the wind on their faces like we do, so they are unaware of what real life is like, if they had crime fear and distress like the british population experience and the experience of war /conflict and the trauma that goes with it they would act instead of turning the other way just beacause it doesnt affect them now.

Maggie Thatchers govt experienced hurt, they were good for the forces too,
maybe we should get some second hand spines and transplant them into todays politicians and a conscience to go with it.

We all rely on Comfort when we are down, lets have some provided and with no limits,

The Rehab grounds should be a centre of excellence, with facilities on par to a good hotel, Wifi, gyms, Pools, family rooms, etc. oh and I hope the lads arent paying food & accomodation whilst in hospital.

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