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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by revingtosh, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    My band 'Owl and the Criminal' have recently released a song to honour a friend of the band who was killed in Afganistan last year.

    Every single penny from the sale of our song will be donated to the Help For Heroes Charity.

    We would be very grateful if you would have a listen and let us know your thoughts on the track.

    Sands of a Generation can be heard here:-

    ‪Sands of a generation‬‏ - YouTube

    Many thanks

  2. I can't hear the lyrics very well. You need to turn the mic up
  3. But you did well to style your singing on this chap:

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  4. I'm sure your hearts in the right place but it's really bad. Sorry.
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  5. I'm so glad someone else said it before me.
  6. Not like you to be reserved Sluggy. ;-)
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  7. It's for a charridy. Not the one I give most of my shekels to, but still a deserved cause.

    (Oh and we are in the Charities and Welfare Forum and I don't want my toes chewing off if I told the truth).
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  8. Erm... I.. er.. think the cause is worthy... but.. let's see now... I wouldn't.. give up.. the day job.
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  9. I prefer Option B - Cartman.

    Good cause, but you did ask for opinions. And are those sceptics on the cover?
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  10. You guys! Yo've got me in stitches with the Cartman thing.

    Thanks for the comments, however good or bad. I would agree that many people view the vocalists voice as being 'marmite'

    As least people arent indifferent towards the track, and as you quite rightly say, its for a good cause.
  11. I assume that you're female? If not, then you're a young boy that hasn't gone through puberty, my money is on you being a bint.
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  12. Got to give you a thumbs up for so gracefully accepting the criticism. It makes a change round here, and as someone who believes "if you might not like the answer, don't ask the question", 10/10.
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  13. I fully agree Tiny and even though it's for charity we do need to give objective opinions.
  14. You are such a gent and he did mention marmite.
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  15. Great USMC pic on the cover, attention to detail is a lost art......