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we are doing a charity event for help for heroes a hire car company has let us down for transport we leave on the 27th july returning on the 3rd august we are trying to find someone who could donate or give us a reduced rate for transport can anyone help or any suggestions we might have to cancel the event (tried through the army but that was a no go )
Can you provide more details such as start point, destination, one way/roundtrip, number occupants, special load, type of vehicle? People might be able to help if you are a bit more specific about what you need.

I'm not a hire car company but I might lend you my car if you can provide insurance. I'll even throw in some punctuation......
we need to get from canterbury with 7 team members on the 28th july, going to inverness 6 of the team will then walk 112miles in three days to bettyhill on the north coast the vehicle will be used for saftey, we will then come back to canterbury on the night of the 2nd august
Sounds like you're going to need a minibus/combi van for that number of people and kit. It's also going to be an epic drive there and back.

I'm sorry but my G reg volvo estate isn't going to be much use in this case. Good luck with finding a vehicle and with the sponsored walk.

This thread might be better off in the Charities and Welfare section?

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