Help for Heroes - The Corps Tour 08

Hi all. On Monday 21st April, a Scaley team of 3 will be visiting all major Royal Signals Units in UK and mainland europe. A total of 26 locations in 8 countries covering approximately 3740 miles within 12 days. All money raised will be donated equally between Help for Heroes and the Army Benevolent fund.

Here´s the clicky thingy for more info:

I think it would be a great idea and a fantastic show of support, if we could get at least one donation for every unit they´re visiting. It doesn´t have to be a fortune and every little bit counts.

To all Corps YofS, FofS and Supervisors: Anything less than 50 quid and you´re a shandy drinking poof :D
This is a corker - 3 bikers get to go on a 3.5 thousand mile pissup around europe in the name of charity! You couldnt make it up, its an inspired idea!!

I'll give you 50 bucks if dinger enters the gates of Hammersmith Barracks "tackle out".
Hey Boney, our Corps isn´t exactly renowned for being stupid :D
Will pass the message along and see what happens. In the meantime how about a donation for a fiver, for at least trying to set your suggestion up ?
51 views and not one ARRSE user name on the donation sheet ? Don´t tell me the glorious Corps are being as tightfisted as our Infantry brethren ? Where are all the Techs who are usually quickest to gob off about their pay statements ? Oooooh sorry ! Just been reliably informed, that it´s too early for them :D
Guys and Gals
Whilst we´re on the subject of good causes and whilst I´m being a right royal pain in the ARRSE anyway, can I also draw your attention to this little gem as well:

The quilt is coming along nicely and yes, there is a Jimmy kindly donated by Ord_Sgt, but we as a Corps have got a "fair" few major and minor units out there; the majority with their own badge or crest. How about if we tried to get ALL the badges and crests within the Corps represented on the quilt ?

Yeah, I know it´s the 13th of the month so not exactly the best time to start a thread like this, but who knows. It may even last until the end of the month, then there´s no bloody excuse :wink:

Starting on about two good causes on one thread is pushing it a bit, so I´ll grab my coat, call a taxi and naff off to the nearest bar and await the incoming :D
Yeah come on you tight fisted b@stards. I've got the Jimmy up there (first place I might add :) ) but as CC has said lets show up the rest of them with lots of Signals Regimental badges. I mean 25 quid, most of you earn that by lunch time for doing nothing. :D

Nearly reached the target on the Corps Tour 08 :D
The ARRSE Appeal is an ongoing cause and every little helps :clap:

I know it´s a very fine line between making people aware of these events/appeals and ramming it down their throats, that´s why I´ll try and keep this short and sweet.

To all those who donate on a regular basis but prefer to stay anonymous, my thanks and my respect.

To all the others, I´m not trying to pish you all off (much), more a case of heighten the awareness. Best example is the Corps Tour 08. A mate sent me the mail and asked whether I´d like to donate to a good cause. Being the twät that I am I thought: "Söd this, stick it on ARRSE and get a wider Corps coverage."

Yeah I know, I´m not as mad as MDN, or as literate as PD and others, but I think you know where I´m coming from on this one. Thanks for taking the time to read this and come payday, get your hands in your bloody pockets :D
PD? Literate? I've known him bloody years and we've only just got him past letter land!
I think I´ll wait and see what PD has to say about that remark before being prepared to edit the post........... for a suitable donation of course :D

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