Help for Heroes - sponsors needed

Discussion in 'RLC' started by GrumpyOG, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Bump

    Can't believe how underwhelming the response from the RLC community has been. :(
    A double (nearly triple) amputee GC holder is leaping out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft to help raise money for "those less well off than himself". Surely it's worth a few quid out of your pocket, and the site lets you claim gift-aid so you can stiff the exchequer for a few quid at the same time result all round.
  2. In all fairness GrumpyOG, although no-one has yet replied directly to the thread, you will probably find that there are people from ARRSE who have sponsored Pete due to you starting it.

    Good luck to him and I hope all goes well. A truly amazing man.

  3. A thread about this has been running in the Charity forum: CLICKY . A fair few ARRSErs have sponsored Pete, but the more the merrier!
  4. Job done!

    T C
  5. BUMP

    Outstanding graphics on other pages DB :D
  6. You can have the same on this thread - oooops, was that a bump?! :D
  7. [marq=down][align=center][​IMG][/align][/marq]

    [align=center]CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR PETE![/align]

    [marq=up][align=center]Go on, go on... y'will, y'will, y'will...[/align][/marq]