Help For Heroes Sponsored 12 hour Run/Walk

Ive just popped over from Rum Ration to appeal to anyone on here who has a couple of quid to spare ?

Me and my Oppo are going to attempt to Run / Walk 75 Km each in 12 hours on the 15th Dec using the Treadmills down our Local Gym at Littlehampton.
I currently have 2 sons serving in the Forces and Ray is from a Military background so it was only natural that this Charity was the only one we considered

As we arent exactly 21 years old ( Im a month off 50 !!)and in the peak of Physical Fitness it will be a great challenge for the both of us and also more importantly a very worthwhile cause as hopefully we all agree.

If you would care to sponsor us please click on the following link.

Thanking you all in anticipation.

Also will post the final distance and money raised on here when we have completed


Your link isn't working Nicks


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Done - good effort guys.

the Sunday Times are right behind Help For Heroes - a lass of my aquaint who works for them tells me there will be a piece about the charity in the paper this weekend for anyone who wants to find out a bit more.

best of luck with << BUMPING>> along on the treadmill Nicks & Ray !

Don Cabra
Cheers Goatman for the £20.00

Heavily into the training bit now by running 20km in 2 hours at the moment,its killing my knees but worth the effort for these blokes.
Have so far been sponsored to the tune of about £200.00 by the people down the gym and so far £60.00 on here.

2 weeks tomoro til the event and by the end of it they will have to carry me off the treadmill !!


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Me too Shovel - looking forward to it. :D Haven't had the letter yet but spoke to the lovely ladies in Tidworth yesterday and they confirmed I have a place ( hoooo-ahhh!).

Although the list has now closed they are still looking for keen bikers to accompany the riders on the last leg from Greenwich into Whitehall.

Got any training rides arranged yet ?

Do Robin Cycles sponsor you or would they be willing to act as the source of all spares and cycling advice to any Hants based H4H riders?

Apparentely Bryn Parry is sorting out an H4H cycling shirt as we speak.

Haven't got my Justgiving page sorted yet but I suspect there will be a bunch of people from Arrse on the same event.

Good luck Nicks and co - <<< BUMP>>>

Don Cabra
Well we done it but it was a bit of a hard slog towards the end !!(Understatement there ! )

Looks like we raised about £500.00 in all when we tot up all the people who sponsored us on here and in the gym.

Feel free to put a few quid in still if you havent already and many thanks to all who have donated already to this cause.
I will post a pic of us with the Big Cheque thing when all the money is collected.

Thanks again,


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