Help For Heroes Snowdon MTB Challenge - Saturday 26th April

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by fasterthanaspeedingbullet, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. On Saturday 26th April 2008, we intend to ascend / descend Mount Snowdon by mountain bike, in order to raise funds and support for Help For Heroes.

    At 1,085 m (3,560 ft), Mount Snowdon in Gwynedd, Wales, is the highest mountain in Wales and the highest British mountain south of the Scottish Highlands.

    The route we will be using for the event is the Llanberis Path. The Llanberis Path leads from the small town of Llanberis, approximately along the course of the Snowdon Mountain Railway. This is one of the longer routes (8 miles return), although as the slope is mostly comparatively shallow, it is considered to be the best route to access the summit by mountain bike.

    The event will start from the (free) lakeside car park in Llanberis, just off the A4086, at 0830 hrs (clicky linky for map -,53.122956,-4.127397&time=&date=&ttype=&q=A4086+%4053.122956,+-4.127397&sll=53.122324,-4.126933&sspn=0.018285,0.039911&ie=UTF8&ll=53.123225,-4.127491&spn=0.009142,0.026994&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1)

    If you wish to sponsor us, our online fund raising page can be found at -

    This is not an exclusive event, if you want to join us then you are more than welcome! The more riders we get, the more funds and support we can raise for Help For Heroes. Don't forget to bring some cake for the summit picnic. :D

    Please PM me if you do want to take part, so i can get an idea of the number of riders we can expect.



    More information:

    Bikefax i-guide (downloadable route guide, costs �1) -

    Route guide from Snowdonia National Park website -
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Small one to get you going. Been out to long and forgot how to spell Grunt. Good Luck
  3. Nice One FTASB.....

  4. Thanks for the donations! :D

    Gundulph - You have obviously never, ever, seen me in the flesh because it would take a hell of a lot more than doubling your donation to get me doing it nekked :omfg:
  5. Maybe so, but to see ANYONE doing it nekked in January 8O they would be worthy of EVERY Penny donated :wink:
  6. :D Thanks for all the donations and support so far :D

    Does no-one fancy joining us then? There must be some keen MTBers out there that fancy giving it a go?

    At present my ability to participate in this event has been hampered slightly due to some thieving scumbag helping themselves to my bike over the weekend, see :evil:
  7. How did you go about getting permission to do this?
  8. Er, permission to do what? :oops:

    If you mean, to ride the mountain then you don't actually need permission. There is a voluntary no riding agreement that is in force between May - September due to the volume of walkers, that's about it, see link for more details:

    We rode it last year and had a fantastic day out, this year we're doing it to raise some cash for HFH.
  9. Sorry mate.

    i asked my brother if he was interested and he told me about the ban (and his injury - sorry). He's obviously got his wires crossed.

    I'm up that end and if you need any local admin done, I may be able to help.
  10. Thanks for the offer :D
  11. good luck lads well done
  12. I rode it on Xmas day just gone!

    its a cracking ride, mahoosive climb...

    i) Have you got in touch with the boys at Singletrackworld? they should be happy to put it up on the front page -

    ii) If you can PM me your contact details, then I'll also put the word out to a couple of MTB magazine contacts to see if they can cover it!

    hope that helps chaps

  13. PM sent, thanks for that.

    I haven't 'advertised' it that much because it's not an 'official', properly 'organised' event.

    I've obviously posted here on ARRSE about it, also on Bike Radar,, mainly to raise some cash but also to see if anyone else fancied giving it a go.

    So far, from the replies from both forums, i reckon we'll have a group of approx. 20 riders.

    I know there's still plenty of time to donate but we're only up to £70 so far - a small donation will make a big difference, dig deep! :D
  14. To all those who have said they would be interested in joining us on this ride, please could you PM me your email address, or if you do not have one, please could you send me your postal address?

    We are currently in the process of finalising an entry form / event information / route guide / kit list document which we will send out to you.

    There is also a disclaimer to sign (nothing too heavy :D).



    :!: P.S. Donations have been a bit slow recently, anyone fancy contributing
    to a worthy cause? :wink:
  15. :D BUMP :D

    The number of riders and the amount of sponsorship is steadily increasing but...


    Come on, who else fancies giving it a go? It's not impossible and it's a damn good day out. Raise a bit of cash for a worthy cause while you're doing it!