HELP for HEROES...Skydive!!


I'm really sorry if I have posted in the wrong forum, or if i'm not supposed to post this at all but i'm sure it will be removed if not :)

I'm doing a skydive in the new year and trying to raise a minimum of £500 for HELP for HEROES..... I know loads of people do sky dives so its not really anything new, but those who know me, know that i'm actually terrified of heights so it will be a huge deal for me to overcome my the adrenaline rush will be awesome!!!

Basically i'm trying to get as many people to know about it as poss so I can raise the max amount of money for this charity and hope that everyone could donate just £1 as a sponsor to me.... *pretty please* hehe

here's the link to my page....

Every penny counts so please spare just a little as you will be helping out a lot!

Thanks xxx
p.s if anyone else needs sponsoring, i'll be glad to throw a few £'s your way (",)