Help for Heroes rugby

How many of you are going to the rugby 20th September?
Definatley considering it. Just need to check a few things first.
Me plus about 11. Should be a good craic. Hopefully won't get as wrecked as I did in May.
Me + potentially a coach load
I'll be there plus meeting up with a few guys I haven't seen for many years*

*back in the days when it was 3rd Shock Army and Ex Able Archer!
Me & my entire family (my shout for end of tour) arn't I nice :)
Sarge_Knows_Best said:
i'd be the one surrounded by 20 young soldiers who cant handle their drink lol
In that case, they will be in good company. Plenty there yesterday who were smashed as rats, it was hilarious. Especially when a fit, young thing did some amazing gymnastics routine on the pitch whilst being chased by some extremely overweight security staff.

It should be good fun. :)
All well and good all of you aclcohic pis5heads going but what about fit birds gagging for it? Tie in nicely with my advert in Lonely Hearts haha.
Any idea how you buy a family ticket, the flyer I have says they are available but the system isn't listing them? I can't go (on duty) but one of my toms wants to take his family.

Edited to add, seen it , can't order online must phone up.

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