Help for Heroes Rugby - Twickers this w/e

Breaking my Twickenham cherry this weekend but not sure how best to get there. Will be travelling from Oxford on the bus or train. Then back the same way. Any Twickers regulars got any advice on the quickest/easiest way to the stadium from Oxford. The train goes to Paddington, bus to Victoria. Obviously bus is cheaper but dont want to spend all day on public transport (especially on way home) so minimum journey time as important as cost. Any advice gratefully received.
Instead of going into Paddington then back out to get to Richmond, you might be better off changing at Reading and picking up the Richmond train there.

As a rule, special bargain price buses take people up to the ground from special bus stops just up the road from Richmond station.
I normally go to Waterloo and get the train from there, but then again i'm a dirty northerner and so have different stations. I get the direct train from Waterloo to Twickenham and then its a 5 / 10 min walk to ground.
Go via Richmond, there's free buses to the ground from outside the Orange Tree. (turn right out of the station). Avoid Twickenham at all costs unless you like packed boozers and a long walk to the ground with the inevitable urge for a p!ss.


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Just watching the Sky programme, seems Johnson has been taking it very seriously. Like the way Sky are doing this one. It is about the rugby as well as the good cause. Looking forward to the game. Shame I'm duty and can't be there.
Bit of a biff and out of the country what time is it on ie how long before kick off


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Now that's good half time entertainment. If only it was raining and they got all wet........ excuse me a minute.
anyone got info on the score ?? . I was down at the anti knife rally in hyde park with a few friends of mine so missed the entire match

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