Help For Heroes Rugby Top - ebay con at £200? !!!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oldmuso, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. Does the bus need fired up again - an autographed H4H rugby top on offer for a quick sale at £199.00 - no mention of donation to ANY charity! Check Linky
  2. dawn9044 - last four?
  3. I don't care if it's the last four, if the money is going to someone's backpocket, then it's wrong! Am registering an account now, will check this out.
  4. I did ask the question and this was the reply I got:

    Make of that what you will
  5. I think it's her way of popping smoke. "LD thanked me for my generous donation", did he really? Grass Roots Rugby in Leicestershire should not benefit one bit from any revenue gained from H4H.
  6. Bid him silly. Then don't pay.
  7. ehhh I think that means H4H will get get the bulk of the proceeds as the game wasn't about anything else - let alone grass roots rugby in Leicestershire!!!

    Just had a quick H4H search on ebay and found quite a few things at what seemed inflated prices - can we all keep an eye on this;)
  8. What the fcuk has it got to do with you cnuts what he/she does with the money? Get off your high horse you 'up your own arse' skiplickers.
  9. Don't know what she's planning to do with the money, but as everyone involved apparently gave their time for free FOR ONE REASON aka H4H - then every penny linked to this should go to the same cause. So I do think it's got a lot to do with us all :x

  10. I got the same replies, this sounds not quite right, "She" seems to think the game was played on Friday :roll:
  11. I Have just asked her a couple of things,

    "Thank you but I have thought this through. I have a close relative and a friend in England rugby squads. I help raise money for them & grass roots rugby by selling on kit but we don't publicise it because the 'powers that be' can be a bit funny about squad members selling on kit. So I sell it and channel proceeds back into rugby. It is my decision not to publicise what I do with the proceeds. If people want to write to me they will get a similar answer to the one I sent you. And yes, I loved watching the Rugby and meeting the players. regards dawn"

    - dawn9044

    I think she is digging a hole for herself here.
  12. Exactly - so why get such a cock stand as to whether or not she may or might not be donating some of it to H4H? Don't tell me you're from the same womb as Josey Wales and need to remind everyone how much you do for charity.It's got nothing to do with you. Who made you "Guardian Of Moral And Ethical Issues And All Things Charriddee Related On The Internet"? Good luck to her, I hope she rakes the money in and spends it all on make-up and tabs.
  13. £200 could be spent on a couple of floats for that swimming pool. :(
  14. This is for a serious cause so not getting drawn into your ramblings Five Alpha. I think every penny in anyway linked with H4H should go to them. If you think people should make a personal profit off the back of this charity then that's your point of view. Discussion closed.
  15. Closed? On whose orders? Yours? Give your head a wobble civvy and get off your white stallion. You patronising cnut.