Help for Heroes Rugby-Replica Tops - Nike will not restock

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by soleil, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. It's turned out to be impossible to source any more of the special replica rugby tops made by Nike for the Help For Heroes Rugby match at Twickenham last Saturday.

    They made a very limited amount which had sold out practically before the match kicked off.

    I spoke to Nike on the 'phone this morning and have been told that they won't make any more.

    Oh well .........................
  2. I'm sure if enough of us badger Nike, they might be persuaded
  3. This needs to be passed on to H4H, surely they can persuade Nike? These shirts would be a great money spinner, obviously not the pink (Mrs Dino says it was beige) version, but the black one would sell sheds I reckon.

    Great day out all round though!
  4. Agreed, H4H should badger Nike, what a money making opportunity that could be being missed here.
  5. There are plenty of shirts and loads of other stuff available from their website Help for Heroes

    What I want to know, is where can I watch the game. OK so I was there, but we didn't have brilliant seats, and we were slightly sociably confused.
    I am going to contact H4H and ask if there are any plans to have the footage put onto DVD for sale. I know other people are interested, so, if I get any information, I'll post it on here.
  6. Does anyone have an email address for Nike so we can badger them to make more shirts?
  7. Contact info for Nike

    There you are girls.

    I haven't seen the shirts that you are talking about, all I saw was the H4H T-shirts from the "Sun" bus or the Rugby Shop. I was well pissed off when I found out they didn't have the official HelpforHeroes Rugby Shirts in the shop like the H4H website said they would be.
  8. I sent an email to H4H suggesting that they are missing a trick and that maybe they should think about getting a load more off Nike, here is the reply:

  9. Shirt and a DVD for me too please.
  10. I reckon if enough people email H4H they will get on the case PDQ
  11. I e-mailed H4H after my last post and have just recieved the following reply:

    "We do have a rugby shirt under the shop on our website, the black and pink ones were done by the rfu not us and they sold out on the day."

    Not looking very positive although I have gone back to them and asked about the possibility of them approaching the RFU and/or Nike.

    We'll have to wait and see but I agree with Paratus that if enough of us e-mail H4H they may act.
  12. Email sent to H4H - keeping my fingers crossed that they will bow to our requests if all Arrsers can email them aswell :D
  13. Just had another reply from H4H, quite dissappointing really, they seem to have no appetite for this one at all. Here's mine and their reply:

    Dino: I've seen the shirt on the website but it occurred to me, and a lot of others if you look at the charities section of the ARRSE website, that you guys should get hold of replicas of the shirts worn on Saturday. A large group of serving personnel went from here and we all agreed that it would be a great money spinner (and we would have all bought one). What do you think the chances would be if you were to approach the RFU/Nike?

    H4H: These are not ours they were done by the rfu especially for sat, they sold out on the day and they are not re printing them.

    It seems to me that H4H are missing a trick here but it looks like this may be a dead end!
  14. Asked H4H about dvd, the reply:
    same answer as dino re rugby shirts though :(
  15. Hi everyone, I went to the H4H offices yesterday and they were most helpful. They are trying to gee up NIKE, but I reckon a few emails from us could put the shirts into production ( the original H4H stripey ones are a bit naff).
    Keep pestering NIKE. Try the link on I have emailed them from work so have the full details and latest replies there, will add a post later if it is positive.
    The shirts are real nice and I reckon would be a good moneyspinner (I had 30 orders in 5 minutes at work )
    Regards, Gash