Help For Heroes - Potential unauthorised merchandise.

I have recently heard a rumour of someone (that's all it is at the stage, I am not pointing fingers - yet) that a person is knocking out H4H T shirts for £7.50 incl p&P, and that, and I quote, "At least HALF will go to the charity" The suggestion being that these are being printed either by the person involved or through a 3rd party.

This has pinged my scam alert radar....can this be legitimate? I thought all profits went to H4H, less the obvious admin charges. Furthermore, am I right in assuming that you have to be a H4H regional rep to flog the merchandise, which has got to be correctly approved and licenced before being sold under the H4H merchandising brand.

I am not making accusations as yet, but something instinctively tells me that donating only 50% of profits canot be right. It just doesn't smell right to me. Has anybody else come across this type of thing?

Please note, I am not accusing anyone, this may be perfectly well meaning and innocent. However, even if it's well intentioned and H4H are losing out on revenue, it just cannot be right

Well the T Shirts on the site are about £15 and it all goes to the charity i think.
Do you have a link to said shirts?

This is indeed a concern for Help for Heroes, 'Pull Up a Sandbag' launched on Friday and for every copy sold, a Pound goes direct to Help for Heroes, we had to sign a contract between ourselves and H4H, with that concern in mind Jo at H4H draws up a contract for anyone intending to donate profits from the sales of products to their cause and rightly so. This also goes with the use of any of their official Logos/Banners etc.

If the merchandise is genuine then whoever is selling it will have the contract signed between them and H4H if it has been cleared through them that is... if they are genuinely meaning to donate part of their profits then maybe you should bring that to their attention and send them to Jo at H4H, if you PM me I can send you her details...
no link, somebody at work has circulated an internal email on behalf of an, ahem, 'friend' I will do a bit more digging at work. Could this be the first H4H Regional Rep Walt!!!!

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