Help For Heroes - Lands End to John OGroats

Hi everyone,

On 1st May I will be trekking from Land's End to John O'Groats in order to raise money for 'Help for Heroes", a cause which I strongly believe in.
'H4H ' supports servicemen and women who have been injured in the line of duty in current conflicts - namely Afghanistan and Iraq.

My progress can be tracked through my blog , where I will be keeping everyone informed of my activities along the way - including any pictures I take, people I meet and places I visit.

If you would be kind enough to sponsor me (even just a few pounds), this would go a long way to helping the lives of the people we should be proud of!
p.s. If you're a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.

This is definitely going to be an experience, so thanks in advance...

Ed Gunter
Good luck Ed

I attempted to cycle the same journey in 2004, after training for three months, 35 miles every evening after work. I trained on old but good road bike of my own, and then a friend lent me his spanking new 'BASSO" racer for the big trip. After a 200 mile drive to lands end, and waving goodbye to my tearful wife i set off on the big adventure, armed only with a small daysack and a credit card (Youth Hostelling planned). Half an hour and SEVEN MILES later I was ringing her to tell her that it was all over! As I braked into a bend on a steep Cornish lane, the f*%king brake lever snapped and came off in my hand. Resulted in a knee munching crash and the end of a dream. Amazingly, nobody who sponsored me would take their money back. It was no coincedence that within my unit I was already known as the unluckiest man in NATO. Perhaps they didn't want jinxed coins that I had handled?

Good luck Sir

I will pm u and sponsor u soon.

Nice one Ed. What a coincidence, only this moring I was thinking about running JOGLE or LEJOG next year for HFH. I think Richard Brown holds the running record of 10d 2h 25m. Money on its way. Good Luck.
Thank you so much for your donations, I'm overwhelmed by your support!
Not long now 'til I'm off, so keep an eye on the blog to track my progress :)
Also, if you're kind enough to sponsor me and want any links posted on the blog... drop me a PM and I can pop them up. All the best, Ed
PandaLOVE said:
Nice one Ed. What a coincidence, only this moring I was thinking about running JOGLE or LEJOG next year for HFH. I think Richard Brown holds the running record of 10d 2h 25m. Money on its way. Good Luck.
God I thought it was gonna be a challenge just walking it, let alone RUNNING it! Sponsorship coming your way if you do end up doing that... impressive!

EdGunter said:
Hi all,

Bit of an update... made it to Bath in 19 days (including 4 rest days) and have spent a couple of days planning the next section of my route.

This should take me up to Carlisle, where I can stop and plan my big push into Scotland and finally up to John O'Groats.

You can follow my ramblings here:
Or sponsor me here:

All the best,
Hi Ed,

Good luck with the trek. I'm near Jedburgh where your route shows you going through. If you need a stop over base for a night or more, there's free bed, food and beer here! Just PM me.



edited to add: If you can't stop over let me know when your passing through Jedburgh and Mrs Oldmuso and me will buy you lunch or dinner :D
Cheers Oldmuso,

I'll PM you when I know more about my route as I seem to be changing it weekly haha! Currently in Soutport taking a rest as I walked from Bath to here in only 10 days... shattered!

Thanks to all for their support :D
Hi mate,
I'm doing JOGLE next year for a new charity called Veterans International Aid I have set up to help ex service personnel adjust to civilian life some of who may be suffering with PTSD. You can find out more about us by logging on to or look us up on Facebook under Veterans International Aid.



Only just got onto the net to let you know I had to change my route to meet my brother and niece in Hawick. Can't thank you enough for your support anyway, it's knowing people care that gets me up in the mornings.

Stay safe,
Ed, Not sure if you've reached this part of the world yet, but if not, Hawick's still not that far from us so if we can give you any sort of help or moral support just get in touch! Cheers, Oldmuso
EdGunter, I have just cycled John O'Groats to Lands End. Arrived Monday at LE. Saw a guy arrive at JOG the evening before we set off. 61 days walking apparently.

Stainmaster... i did the trip on a mountain bike as i very rarely ride on the road and wasnt able to get a roadbike to use. The amount of guys i saw breezing past in both directions on racers made me very bitter at the time! However i fortunately managed the whole journey without anything breaking on me.

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