Help for Heroes Kielder Quadride

Hi Guys,

Although I have been a member of this esteemed forum for quite some time I tend to keep my gob shut. Saves the problem of size 9M DMS getting in there.

So why the change… Well I’m a cold war warrior so to speak.. doing my bit to keep the red hoards out of West Germany and ultimately my local pub in the mid 70’s. Unfortunately my boys aren’t so lucky, my youngest has not long finished Herrick 9 and my oldest is plodding through Herrick 10.

So what to do to support them.. only one thing to do.. jump on my quad bike and do a 24 hour ride to raise funds for H4H. I’m hoping to raise a minimum of £1000 for this worthy cause. Working on the theory that No 2 son came pretty close to seeing the inside of Selly Oaks on a couple of occasions.

Please help me to help them by checking out the web site below and passing on the info to any you think my be interested.

Kielder Quad Ride


Moss T aka Ian P

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