Help for Heroes hits £12 million

From Newsletter received this morning

Dear Help for Heroes supporter,

I am delighted to be able to announce that we have raised over £12 million in 12 months, that is £1 million a month or, as Mark the Insomniac worked out, .39p a second!

This time one year ago, we had formed a charity in under two weeks, blagged offices, recruited volunteer staff, been given furniture, computers and telephones and were ready to go. We didn’t know what to expect; there was no masterplan apart from a determination to help the wounded and a passion to do so to the best of our ability. We knew that thousands of people felt the same as us; that ‘something’ had to be done. Well, we, you, all of us, did that ‘something’ and the results speak for themselves.

Help for Heroes has been very simple. We have told people of our desire to help the wounded and then asked those who wish to join us to get out there and do their bit... and thousands have. We have had the big events, the London Marathon, the 52,000 rugby supporters who filled Twickenham, the 300 cyclists who raised £1.3 million on a bike ride, the £1.5 million donated in return for nine passenger seats on the Red Arrows and we have had the smaller events; equally important to us. There have been cake sales, car washes, sponsored shaves, runs, walks, balls, clay shoots and thousands of other inspired fund raising events limited only by the law and the imagination. Thank you everyone who has done something, great or small for Help for Heroes, you are really marvellous and a part of this wonderful wave of support.

We have been able to allocate the funds received so, of the £12 million we know that will come in, we have already allocated nearly £10 million to support the wounded and you will be able to read more about that on the main website. Soon, the wounded will have their own pool and gym complex, will go on adaptive adventure training trips as part of their rehabilitation, get job opportunities and gain assistance with the stress caused by combat. As money comes in, we will take advice from the Services and other charities, the people who know, and we will get it out to where it is most needed; you can be sure of that.

Raising a great deal of money is only part of the story of Help for Heroes as we know that we have played our part in raising the awareness and support for the Armed Forces. Our leading sporting heroes have professed to being humbled by the true heroes, the extraordinary... No, the ordinary... blokes, they have met. This respect has spread and our Servicemen and women tell us that the way they are seen by the public is changing for the better. This quote is from a Serviceman in Afghanistan..

‘To me the most incredible success that H4H, and other military focused charities, has been to make our service a part of every day life in the minds of the general public and by doing so, creating an atmosphere of unstinting support (numerous parcels for my boys in Afghanistan from complete strangers being a physical demonstration of this support) for the young soldiers I had the privilege to command no matter what ones political views of the operations in which we fight.This, in my mind, makes a real difference to the morale of the troops and makes the soldier that much more comfortable to do the job that he does; thank you.’

Running at this pace has its challenges and the success of the appeal has depended on the extraordinary dedication of everyone who has been involved in Help for Heroes, the staff, volunteers, supporters and the thousands of fund-raisers... so thank you and keep going.

Finally, none of this would have happened without the inspiration of ‘the blokes’ themselves. If we ever feel a little weary, we only need to visit the staff and patients at Selly Oak and Headley Court to get a dose of their courage, humility and humour to spur us on. To hear one of the wounded refer to himself as being ‘blessed as he has only lost a leg’ is to understand what this is all about; the blokes. They are the reason, they are the inspiration and frankly, it is an honour for us to do a little to help them; I know you all feel the same.

With thanks for everything you have done and will continue to do,

Bryn, Emma and all the H4H team
Help for Heroes, Red Devil's Skydive Days for 2009.

The team are set to be working with over 30 Military charities funds & associations in 2009, with over 100 Civilian Charities also along for the ride.

However Help for Heroes have reserved dedicated dates & venues just for their supporters.

Total cost is £290 per skydive. (Of which a £90 reservation fee is payable at time of booking)
Minimum sponsorship amount set by H4H's is £500.
If this entire amount is eligible for Gift Aid at 28% the charity could receive as much as £350 for all of your efforts. one of the highest ratios of return available.

Dates & locations are posted below:

28th May 2009 H4H's day Red Devil's HQ Netheravon Salisbury Plain
07th July 2009 H4H's day Langar DZ Nr Nottingham
22nd Sept 2009 H4H's day Netheravon, Nr Salisbury
06th Oct 2009 H4H's day Langar, Nr Nottingham

For how to book & further information please visit the teams website:

Or alternatively visit the Red Devil's exclusive events partner's Click and Jump, who offer a one-stop shop for all of the UK's Dropzones, Group bookings & can assist with all your enquiries.

Visit: or email:

Call 0800 345 7468

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