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Hi all,

I could do with some advice from H4H.

Here's the thing. I was invited to a Help for Heroes Charity rock night at a local pub and paid my £6 on the door and enjoyed the night. However, today, a week later and in conversation with a mate doubts over the authenticity of the event are creeping in.

I may be getting a bum steer here but I've been lead to believe that the organiser of the event might not have donated the proceeds to H4H as promised. Is there a way to check? I have no personal axe to grind with the bloke in question but others do.

I would be more than a bit angry if (as has been suggested) he was pocketing the cash. On the other hand, if the bloke is genuine, I'd be happy to let people know.
Cheers, Porridge. Your help, as ever, has been invaluable.
cant you just call Help for Heroes? Surely if it was an organised event and a lot of money was raised they would be able to check through an account or something
It's a thought, Coxy, cheers. I might try that on Monday. I've already searched on their website for references to the event, the organiser and the venue but found no record.
heres the general enquires details:
Call Help for Heroes on 0845 673 1760 or 01980 846 459
Help for Heroes - Unit 6, Aspire Business Centre, Ordnance Road, Tidworth, Hants, SP9 7QD
Cheers again, Coxy.
There are a few floating around the Facebook world about whom I have some reservations.

As Coxy says, Help4H might know ... but not necessarily.

Anyone can say they're raising funds for this that or the other. I guess it's a case of feeling the water, and the general vibes.
Cheers, Blue. The bloke concerned does a lot of these 'cheeeerity' fund-raisers for various worthy causes (allegedly) but no-one has ever seen him making a donation, hence the concerns being raised. I've been to a few of these do's and this is not the first time there have been rumblings about where the donations are actually going.
I would be pessimistic enough about this to think that 99% takings were being deducted as expenses.

Road conditions are getting a bit hazardous for some vehicles you know.
I have contacted H4H about two or three people/organisations saying that they are operating under the H4H umbrella.
H4H has always been very helpful; after all, they do have a reputation to consider
Cheers all. I'll get on to H4H Monday.

Monty, I agree entirely. HB, thanks for that - by posting this thread I was hoping that someone might have experience I could draw on.

Just a quick editorial point...reading back my last, it might sound as if I was already aware of the concerns raised but in fact today was the first I've heard. So I rang round a few mates who all seemed to have suspicions. What I wouldn't want to do is crucify someone who might be doing a very genuine service to charity but I feel obliged to check out the rumours and, if well founded, make the appropriate people aware.
I took your advice, and phoned H4H this morning. You were right, they were very helpful and quite concerned.

It appears the easiest way for me to check is to collar the organiser and ask for a glance at the 'Thank you' letter. All donations, whether the organiser is registered with H4H or not, are receipted and get a such a letter. Not something which I had thought of but such an easy way for this guy to stop all the rumours and something that I'll approach him over later this week (to give time for any donation to be recieved and processed).

Once again, thanks all.
i recieved a thank you letter after a fundraiser in the summer. if you are coming up with nothing and it looks more and more suspisious drop me a pm mate
As others have said, I took part in an event in June. We collected our sponsor money in drips. In order to get the money to H4H quickly, we sent it into them every few hundred pounds,rather than wait for it all to be paid. This resulted in us receiving several "thankyou" letters from them, one for each time we sent a donation in.
That is probably the least problematic way of finding out from this person whether the donation was made.
I hope for his sake he has made the donations, and that you will duly inform us if he hasnt!!!
Cheers again, all. I'll keep you informed as things develop one way or the other.

Dave8307, please check your PMs for my reply.
H4H should have a regional rep in your area who monitors planned events and so forth. I would suggest a bit of googling to find your particular one and give them a bell as they would have a better idea of whats going on in that area than HQ would. I know we had a bit of trouble with some local neds tin rattling in shopping centres and pocketing it.

Cheers, TTA. I'm already looking into that thanks to another contributor to these pages. In the meantime, I've advised those who expressed their concerns (but know the fella better than me) to ask for a glimpse at his thank you letters. If he has them, he an easily and quickly resolve any concerns.

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