Help For Heroes - Gobi march (!) June 2008 - Support Needed

I received a note from a serving LE Officer - synopsis below. I am cognisant that many requests for sponsorship are circulating but this one does seem extraordinary and has a personal element too.

He is approaching drop off point and at 50 years old this chap is both brave and is quite clearly bonkers but I have no doubt he can do this. In June he will take part in the Gobi March, a 250 kilometre race in the Gobi Desert near Kashi in Western China. This race is truly a feat of determination and endeavour with competitors having to carry all their vital equipment and meet daily cut off times to continue in the race.

As he is a prospective SAGA member I expect this to invite press interest too !

He has been training for this event since his return from the Atacama Desert and a similar venture last year but this has now taken on a much greater personal significance for him as a close friend of his received a serious spinal injury whilst on duty in Basra.

The aim is to try and raise at least £10.000.00 for Help for Heroes and it would be awesome if you would consider supporting him in this very worthwhile appeal. The justgiving link is below.

He has raised £1600 since mid-Feb so need to increase run-rate slightly.

Should you see you way to sponsoring then many, many thanks to you.

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