I'm climbing Kilimanjaro in October for Help for Heroes and was hoping ARRSE might be able to help me raise some cash.
As I'm sure you all know, it's a fantastic charity for which I plan to raise shed loads of sheets.
Every humble pound coin helps so please sponsor me at:

Thanks SO much in advance.

Frankie x


I'm hoping to raise £3000 for H4H and, after a week of having my Just Giving site up and running, I'm on £670. Whilst this is a cracking start I still have a long way to go. Please give whatever you can! Thanks in advance...


I'm on £812 and would love to smash £1000 by the weekend!

I see that 108 people have looked at my posting. If all of them had donated a few humble pounds I could have raised £216! Every little helps.

Thanks so much in advance.



I was Just wondering if anyone can give me the Official Aims of Help the Heroes... Ie what they are going to spend your hard earned cash on....... There Is A reason so let me just see


Help for Heroes supports servicemen and women who have been wounded or psychologically affected whilst on operational tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So far, over £5m has been raised to build a rehabilitation pool at Headly Court, Surrey. Money raised will also go towards the Welfare Fund at Selly Oak hospital, relatives' housing at Selly Oak and Headly court and to the 'Battle Back' scheme that provides adventurous training for amputees.

In a nutshell, H4H does what it says on the tin.

I hope I've convinced you to sponsor me. Your money's going to a fantastic cause.


Oh Ive already sponsored Emski for H4H. I am aware of it as Treasurer of British Legion Branch and am also aware it is under scrutiny of the Charities Commision as it has no clearly laid out aims as the Hedley Court project is Completed... Infact it has been giving its money away to both the Legion and SSAFA. It is a fantastic money raising charity but it needs clear direction if it is going to survive


Swinger could sponsor me just for the entertainment value if you like. Considering I probably have the same BMI as a scotch egg, it could be worth the money just to witness me attempting to scale the big hill. Just a thought.


I know that Headly Court has been completed, hence saying that upwards of £5m had been 'raised' (past tense).

All I have to go on is what I've read, researched and been told by H4H. Of course, it saddens me that they may be lacking direction in terms of where their funding is going but I was unaware of this when I signed up to do this trek.

If I'm honest, I just want to do all I can to support the Forces. I'm an Army WAG with lots of friends in the Forces and I'm from a military family. I recently met with a friend who is a Captain in the QDG who told me about the large number of injured who were flown home from Afghan every day. If I can raise a couple of grand to help just ONE of those individuals I will feel like I've achieved something.

I appreciate your comments, however, and I'd be interested to learn what you have to say about H4H.


H4H were taken a bit by surprise by how it took off.
They are very aware of the lack of direction but they are running the whole thing on a shoestring, unlike some other charities.
They are also well aware that the fundraising they do may well deflect people from giving to other more established service charities, hence giving cash for the two Norton Houses at Headley Court & Selly Oak as well as Headley Court itself and a very large donation to Combat Stress, amonst others.
It has, in the public eyes, become a very recognised brand and we should be greatful for what they are doing.
Spickers, I'm a bit worried about your picture on the sponsor site......... I could maybe see my way to a few quid if there was a 'more inspiring' picture!! :roll:
Spickers said:
I take it that irony's not your forte, old grumpy?! How can you not be impressed by my epic gun show?!

I thought you were just resting the weight on your leg :D

I'm only a man after all and have never been interested in ladies guns :wink:
I'm not knocking H4H - far from it.

But I thought there was an issue with Charities giving money to other Charities? That came up in our last RBL Committee meeting.
Dear All,

Several members of the 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards and a member of the OCA will be cycling 400 miles through France with patients from Headley Court in order to raise money for Help for Heroes. It is hoped that a L/Cpl , who recently lost his leg during the Regt’s tour of Afghanistan, will also be able to take part in the ride.

The riders are hoping to raise the sum of £8,000 in sponsorship for this extremely worthwhile cause. It is rumoured that they will all be wearing the new QDG lira (what a horrible thought!) cycling outfit, which would be worth giving money for just to see.

If you would like to support the very worthy cause please go to the link below to make your contribution, this way the charity will be able to re-claim the tax from Mr Darling.

I'm sure we all agree that it's a very worthwhile cause that has given a considerable amount to both BLESMA and Combat Stress