Help for Heroes fundraising help

Hi, this is my first ever post on Arrse so not sure if I am doing it correctly but we'll see! I suppose you could say I'm an arrse virgin but that would just sound wrong!!! Ok, so on a serious note I have decided to do the 100km Sahara Desert Trek to raise money for our injured service men & women in the care of Help for Heroes! I have a few fundraising events coming up with the hope that I can squeeze a little spare change out of the public's pockets! As an idea to catch peoples eye & make it seem worthwhile for them to donate I thought that maybe 4 men, one of them being myself could carry another man on a stretcher, (dont worry im not going to ask you to do that) if one man got tired then they could just switch! However I would need to borrow a stretcher & the full desert kit for 5 men including helmets etc. Who would lend this to me? I'm presuming my luck would lie within the TA for such things??? Any help or info would be appreciated. Also if anyone would like to kindly make a small donation to my trek then you can at once my trek is finished I hope to join my closest TA unit which is the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) so as I have just lost 5 and a half stone I think I'll treat myself ... and that's just what I'll do!!! Thanks!

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