Help for Heroes Fundraising Event in Kirkham near Weeton

ThroughoutNovember we are trying to raise as much money for H4H as possible - we being the Quality Team at BAE Systems Channel Way Preston. So far we have been selling merchandise and having small office fund raising events including a presentation from Paul Lawrenson who has ut together soem fantastic videos/photos from Ypres Salient and Normandy. On Friday 20th November we are having a fund raising event in the evening featuring a local lancashire Group 'Trouble 'at Mill, The Culpepper Western Charity Show Team, JP & his Guitar and Eddy Williams a renowned local water colour painter and photographer amongst many other things. We are hoping to hold an auction on the night and are looking for people to donate things for the auction. Equally though being very near Weeton Barracks we would be delighted if 1/2 serving soldiers would like to come along to the event (in uniform) to show a military presence. If any serving soldier would like to pm if interested in coming along, or if anyone can help with items for an auction, please pm me for further details.

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