I'm not sure if this has been posted before so mods feel free to delete or move elsewhere please.

A total bit of free advertising for what sounds to be a brilliant day out for all the family.

The heroes festival at NEWARK showground on the 26th June. I'm too much of a computer spaz to get the poster into this thread, but hopefully the following link will take you to the right part ogf the H4H site

The main advert is on the H4H website

Medders....thick as mince
politics politics....... If the people who really need the money can get the money then even the tosser of a prime minister can go......he can even claim the £5 parking fee back on his expenses

Edit to add.....The RBL do a sterling job also, pity they can't all play nicely
I've been invited, it started off as a black tie dinner now it's the whole day, I cannae wait

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