Help For Heroes Comes Under Fire

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. How many buildings can we put up? "Former Royal Marine Ben McBean, a double amputee and one of Help for Heroes' patrons, said that Help For Heroes and other military charities have been "getting cosy with the MoD". Other charities stand accused of cozying up to Guv to further their own aims, and raise their profile. Even to extend their funding. Truth?
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    It is a shame that the head sheds of the bigger militatry charities feel they must have a large expensive HQ close to central government. Help for Heroes initial projected started with good intentions and then became the clebs favourite toy without realising what the initial aims and purpose was. I supported their efforts until the drip feed of information on what the money was being used on post the Headley refurb started coming to light.

    IMHO they should stop funding projects that are the countries responsibilities and use the funds to assist ALL and not the selected few members of the armed forces and veterans.
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  3. Isn't the question whether MOD have been using H4H funds to provide infrastructure that they shoudl be putting in place and thus depriving wounded servicemen of the care specific to their needs.

    Who owns the buildings that H4H have been paying for and who directs the use they get put to. The charity or MOD? If the answer is MOD the charity funds could legitimately be said to have been appropraited to cover MOD's responsibilities.
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  4. I would like to know what was so wrong with our traditional military charity's such as RBL, SSAFA, Combat Stress ect to warrant for even more?

    The more charity's we have, the less credible they then become.

    Someone obviously saw a gap in the market to make a lucrative living off the backs of our wounded and hard up Veteran Community.

    The more charity's we have, the less the government will care about our veteran community as all the work is being done for them.

    H4H will just go on the defensive in tonight's 22.30 hrs showdown, they will simply deny everything and anything regarding allegations of any financial wrong doing.

    Just watch it happen!
  5. They are hardly likely to say " Ok its a fair cop guv. We have been fiddling the books and robbing the wounded but society is to blame" now are they?
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  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I'm sure there have been no financial wrong doing on behalf of H4H. Its just that H4H is providing much of the capitol project funding that central government should be supplying. Unfourtunatly the RBL has also become snared into this by providing much of the revenue costs for the same projects leaving the MOD with not much to pay for.

    As to the point on the many charties that have sprung up, yes they are taking much needed public money and support from the traditional military charities which obviously some of the public must feel are not providing the support they should. But that is for another thread.
  7. My thoughts exactly, as soon as the Sun started bigging them up it started to look iffy from a "charity" point of view I'm suspicious of any celeb backed outfit
  8. I don't see any fiddling claims. I do see H4H paying for stuff MoD SHOULD be paying for, that's the rub. The very ex-service members that H4H should be paying to help are now cut out because they're ex-service and H4H is paying for support that MoD should be paying for. Maybe H4H should turn round and say to MoD "Money back, or open up what WE'VE paid for to all ex-service membesr"
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  9. I have been increasingly uncomfortable about the H4H spending. It appears to be a new revenue stream for MoD allowing them to spend less, relying on charitable money to fund core activity. Why for example is £20m being spent on an old officers' mess. Surely a new build would have been cheaper and better. I suspect that MoD was failing to maintain a grade 2 listed building and passed the problem over to H4H. Charitable donations have got the DIO out of a hole and will continue to fund an expensive (but attractive) white elephant.
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  10. So far, reports indicate that it is the dead hand of the MoD which is causing problems: "The charity has been overly reliant on the MoD for advice on where to allocate funds".
    Incidentally this is why H4H got into the fund raising business in the first place, to allow the building of specialist facilities which MoD said it could not afford. Same argument as the closing of the military hospitals, too expensive.
    Obviously not the same team who found funds for the two new carriers etc.
    Perhaps it's just a question of priorities.

  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Service people and ex-service people who have been damaged by their service are the absolute morsal responsibility of the GOVERNMENT. It is a national disgrace that a Govt that wilfully sends money to Uganda and goodness knows where else will not take responsibility for its own damaged servants. In a fair country there would be no need for charity in this sphere.

    This Govt will be only too delighted to sit back and let H4H take the flak.
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  12. H4H has become a victim of its own success. MOD and HMG have seen that Charities can raise the cash and they have left them to it abdicating their responsibilities but offering, I am sure useful advice. It is called the Big Society! And that in common parlance means well done guys you can now do it all yourself!
    Are the H4H patrons governing body and CEO capable of playing in the big boys league and doing the politics so dictating the pace, or are they being played by MOD and having their egos massaged, I do hope not ,as I have a lot of time and respect for them all.
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  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Twas for a swimming pool and refurb the Headly Court gym with any left over funds.
  14. Be in no doubt that as much as there is a "poverty industry" there has over the last few years been the development of a "services charity industry". There is much good work being done in the space but one facet that concerns me is the regimental funds that appear to be squeezed out of the "market" and they are often closer to the needs of servicemen, veterans and their families.