Help for Heroes Charity ride back on UK soil

I was one of them!

A truly inspirational week. The Headley Court team were awesome and it was humbling to ride with them and see them overcoming their wounds to achieve 350 miles. I spent 10 odd miles 'draughting' with one of them who had lost his leg below the knee (he is Navy but we will forgive him that!). We were reaching speeds of 25 mph on the flat without a problem and overtaking everyone we could. It would have been pretty good for anyone of us, for Craig, it was fantastic.

But there were others there for whom the ride was a lifetime milestone. Mothers and grandmothers, who had never done anything like this, got their heads down and pedalled away the miles without a whinge or murmur. One lady had broken her wrist in a fall in training and later on fell again and shredded her thumb. She did the whole ride with her wrist and thumb in plaster, unable to brake on that side - a remarkable example.

Chatting to these people as we cycled along made the whole ride pass swiftly and made it fascinating too.

The organisation was outstanding, apart from the fact that we had chicken to eat every evening! Highlights were crossing Pegasus Bridge, a memorial service at Thiepval and crossing the Channel in HMS Bulwark, then landing at Dover from the ships landing craft.

A great experience and one that has shown the depth of support for our wounded servicemen from ordinary men and women.
Stuff like this must increases the dust content in the air at Castle Stella as i can feel it forming a lump at the back of mt throat.

Well done to all involved, although it was a bit jack of henrywicks to make the octogenerian lady carry on peddaling their tandem on her own with a chainsawed arm :)

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