Help for Heroes calendar models needed

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by babybutterfly, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi Ladies
    If youre interested in being in the 2010 pin up for heroes calendar email me on
    Lucy xxx
  2. I wish you all the best of luck to find them onhere !

  3. Now that is pure sex discrimination 8O

    And why do you put kisses……….. are you liking the ladies more than men :twisted:
  4. *sniff* smells BS, probably a pervert who can't afford FHM mags
  5. Surely you mean 2011 :?
  6. oopps sorry yes I meant 2011 lol
    And no Im not a pervert I am an Army wife raising Money for help for heroes.
    If you would like to see last years calendar heres a link.

  7. Army wife...... not a pervert? come on :D
    you will make more money if you are honest :wink:

    As you should know I have the 2010 calendar and are hoping you are going to be doing a NSFW version. After all I am a serving pervert and always willing to support a good cause :D

  8. Will you be needing a "Fluffer" to get them pert for the shoot?

    Edit, I think ive had miss Jan
  9. I've just had all of them , fnaaar :p
  10. lol gotta love squaddies!
    Seriously though guys if any of you have wives or girlfriends who would like to model let me know.
    Lucy xxx
  11. Will it be in the same "vein" ie 40's pin ups ?
  12. If a wide angle lens was available I could ask my missus.

    Edited to add: She'll kill me if she reads this.
  13. yes it will be 1940's pin ups again.
    And we dont care what size your wife is, she is welcome to apply lol xxx
  14. She's not big really, just panoramic.

    I don't think it would be fair to others if she did it. She'd be denying someone far better qualified and she usually only does this sort of thing for money. :)
  15. I have a cunning idea babybutterfly, why not post all application photos right here on ARRSE and let the ARRSE Members decide which ones should make the Calendar - I think that's only fair.