Help For Heroes and Support Our Troops Live Aid Event 2009

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Troops Live Aid 2009
Troops Live Aid 2009 have been in talks with other organisers to stage a live aid event at Wembley Stadium to show our support to the Armed Forces.

The story so far...

Following the vision of two service personnel Tony Duffy and Mal Franks have started a long winding battle to organise a Support Our Troops live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium called, “Troops Live Aid 2009”.

Starting with a boldly passionate Facebook group: ‘SUPPORT OUR TROOPS LIVE AID EVENT @ 02 ARENA LONDON 2009’ (The O2 Arena being the original plan before realising how big this event could potentially be!), Tony Duffy was immediately in contact with Mal Franks. The pair are currently still serving in the armed forces. Between them they have served collectively in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan which enabled them to share this incredible vision. They know how hard our troops work, often under extreme conditions and sometimes seeing things that the human eye should not have to see.

The pair talked for days whilst the word started to spread between their friends, relatives and colleagues. Tony Duffy explained: ‘We had to get the ball rolling and Facebook was the first thing that came to mind for sending our message to the masses!’.

Their aim is to lay on a concert at Wembley Stadium in 2009. We have a team working with us talking to Media, Radio and Performing Acts to show their support and have it live on TV, showing to troops in Iraq, Germany, Cyprus and most of all Afghanistan. We originally planned to have this concert at the 02 in London but decided it would be too small owing to popular demand for tickets and the incredible support on our Facebook group.

Since the Facebook group started, several key members have been appointed specific job roles thus creating a foundation team of 20 people that share the same vision. All of whom are working tirelessly day and night to ensure the event is a huge success.

We love our British Troops and need to show them support. They are doing an amazing job; risking 'their' lives to help keep 'our' lives safe.

For more info look at Troops Live Aid 2009

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