Help for Heroes and Mercurys March

I just found out my company are sponsoring the final days activities for the mercury march and are encouraging all employees of the group to take PAID time off to attend and show support, and there was me thinking they were tightfisted bastards.

Finmeccanica UK and SELEX Communications are both involved in sponsoring the forthcoming Mercury’s March, which will see military teams mounting a march from Plymouth Hoe to the Tower of London on a 24 hour a day basis, carrying a stretcher symbolising servicemen and women injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Funds will be raised from the public for Help for Heroes along the route as the March follows the rough line of the Old Admiralty Signal system to London starting Monday 18 August.

Finmeccanica is sponsoring elements of the final day’s events at the Tower of London on Saturday 23 August hosted by The Lord Mayor and senior military (plus possible Minister) and is the main (sole) sponsor of a Black Tie Dinner at The Brewery that evening, which will have a senior audience top celebrate the marchers' achievements.

Sir Kevin Tebbit will be on the top table and has been asked to say a few words after Help for Heroes thanks SELEX Communications/Finmeccanica UK for their support, ahead of the main speaker, General Cordingley. Both SELEX Communications and Finmeccanica will have tables at the event.

The purpose of this email is to focus on broader Finmeccanica UK operating company employee involvement in the event all of which will be granted fully paid time off to attend, which can be in the forms of:

Fundraising in towns around the route (Christchurch, Southampton and Portsmouth) on 19th and 20th August. Outside SELEX Communications, this could involve SELEX GALILEO and SELEX SI; and
Employees based near London getting themselves sponsored to follow the March through central London on Saturday, 23rd August in organised “phalanxes” of 75 along the eleven mile trek from The Chelsea Hospital at 100 to the finale at the Tower of London, plus Mayor thereof, at 1500. This could cover Luton, Basildon, Welwyn Garden City, etc.
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